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Selling your Home? Here’s What You Can Do

December 15, 2022 • Fenny Peiffer

Selling your Home? Here’s What You Can Do

Moving can be a sad, overwhelming, frustrating, and chaotic time.  However, it is something that you need to get through to get on with your life.  Many baby boomers put their homes on the market when they realize it is either too empty or too big – now that their children have left the nest.  They wait in great anticipation for the sale of their old home to come through so that they are able to purchase a new one in a retirement community of their choice.  However, this may take longer than usual time, if they do not know how to set the stage to sell their homes.

There are two very important factors to consider when selling your home.  These are price and staging.  Many homes are up for grabs on the market today.  Therefore, you need to ensure that your home attracts buyers like bees to a flower!  Below are some factors to be considered when showing your home that will make it attractive to buyers and meet your asking price.


Clean up the Clutter

An open house enables any interested party to visit your home and imagine how they would live in it.  Therefore, you need to make sure your home is clutter-free.  Clutter is a major turn-off to many interested buyers.  Although their homes may, in fact, be messier than yours, when considering the purchase of a home they want to see one that is completely clutter-free (the way they wish their home was!).


Do an Exterior Clean-up

How does your home look from the outside?  This is the first impression of your home.  If you want it to sell, you need to make sure it looks beautiful on the outside, as well as the inside.  If the exterior of your home is not up to standard, you can be sure many buyers will turn away at the gate and not even consider touring the place.


Organize Cupboards and Closets

Do not think that buyers will not open your cupboards and closets and inspect your home.  They will!  So, keep your closets and cupboards well organized and neat so that interested buyers will have a positive overall impression.


Fix Broken Things

Leaky faucets, broken light switches, and drawers should be repaired before the open house.  Touch up the walls if it is required; grout the tile if there is leakage. Make sure to repair broken hinges and locks before you put the house on sale.  The cost you incur in repairs will be doubly paid back when a buyer meets your asking price.  A well-maintained home will bring in your asking price.


Adjust and Replace Furniture

Buyers walking into your home want to feel comfortable and imagine how life would be if your home were theirs.  This cannot be done with broken furniture or an overly cluttered home with too much furniture.  Do what is required to make the home look spacious and comfortable.  Re-arrange furniture; add a few plants etc. to bring on a cozy, homely ambiance.

Staging is extremely important when it comes to selling your home and getting your asking price.  If you adhere to these considerations, you are sure to be able to move to an active adult community and hang out and “chill” with people like you in no time.

If you have not already set your sights on an active senior living community consider the ones mentioned below.  Viewing them now will enable you to make a quick decision, once you sell your home.

If you are now in the phase of checking out various Active Adult Living community options, we invite you to visit our website where over 8,400 properties are detailed, with a dedicated page for each community.  This huge database of information strives to provide the most comprehensive data and information on the communities available for senior living.  The communities can be searched by various search criteria such as price, state, preferred lifestyle, etc.  Looking for an active adult community will become an exciting adventure, once you visit our site.

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