Why do Some Retirees Prefer Urban Living?

Although a major portion of baby boomers look for picturesque country settings, with resort-style amenities to retire to, there are some who do not wish to retire in the countryside. These boomers wish for the hustle and bustle of city living and will not venture far from the city when it comes to retirement options. You have to wonder about the appeal of urban living for these seniors. Why do some retirees prefer urban living as the best of Active Adult Living for their 55+ life?

Why Boomers Prefer the City

There are many reasons why boomers prefer city life to country life. These reasons are varied and depend on the boomers.

Familiar Surroundings – Many boomers who “grew up” in the city are reluctant to venture into the unknown. They prefer living in the same surroundings, which are familiar to them, and also wish to remain close to family. There are some seniors who prefer raising their children in the suburbs, yet retire in the city once the nest is empty.

More Options – Urban living is also preferred by many boomers because the city provides them more options when it comes to independent living. For example, public transportation is easily available in the city and seniors who do not drive can get about easily using public transportation. In addition, boomers’ daily needs are easily catered to when living in the city. They have easy access to grocery stores, banks, hospitals and shops and other venues of interest too.

Minimal Maintenance – Boomers also prefer living in condos or lofts, in the city, because there is very little maintenance involved in their homes. There is no garden to maintain, no lawn to mow, no snow to shovel, etc. when living in apartments and lofts in the city.

Other Amenities – Living in the city provides boomers many amenities that they may not be able to get living in the suburbs. For example, seniors living in the city can go to the theater, go shopping and watch a movie without even thinking or planning it in advance. They can just up and go do whatever they feel like at the spur of the moment.

Despite what you may think, not all boomers feel this way about urban living. This is just a matter of opinion among some boomers. While some boomers may prefer the resort-style lifestyle, playing golf and fishing, others prefer the quiet solitude of living in the mountains or near water. Yet others prefer the noise and bustle of the city. So, as you can see, although urban living does have its appeal, not all retirees prefer this life.

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