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Alaska Communities

Experience The Last Frontier

Imagine 55 + living amongst the wild beauty that is Alaska.  From the rugged lush terrain, and endless outdoor activities, this is America's hidden treasure.  Retirees deciding to embrace the untouched wilderness in one of the many active adult living communities will be glad they did.

Alaska Living

Home to Mt. McKinley, America's tallest mountain peak, Alaska became the 49th state in January of 1959. Interestingly, despite it being one the largest U.S states it is one of the least populated at 736,732 in 2014.  Bordered only by Canada, its location is considered extreme northwest with the Arctic Ocean to the north, and Pacific ocean surrounding the west and south.  Anchorage is Alaska's bustling metropolis, and an ideal location for senior living.  According to, the average sales price for a home is about $300k which can buy a substantial amount of square footage, and land.  Compared to big cities such as San Francisco, seniors can find affordable housing options.  The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, ( provides a senior assistance program for those 55+ needing to make home modifications for greater accessibility.  


There's a misnomer about Alaska being the land of ice and darkness.  It's true that during the winter, daylight hours are limited to 6-13 hours depending on the region, but this is when Alaska comes alive with stunning scenery, and exciting outdoor activities.  With an average temperature around 20F, this is when ski fanatics start their engines.  Summers offer long days with about 22 hours of daylight, and mild temps around 65-70 degrees.  Regions bordering the Pacific Ocean can enjoy warm summer months where wildlife, and clear waters abound.  


The Alaska Department of Health and Human Services offers a special program for low income seniors over 65.  Providing cash benefits for eligible individuals, this can assist in paying medical expenses for those subject to paying coinsurance after Medicare.  Visit for a wealth of information regarding Medicare, and Medigap plans as well as state Medicaid programs.  Senior living communities throughout the state provide accessible, and convenient healthcare facilities to their residents that also include in home care.

Activities and Sightseeing

There's a good reason why Alaskan cruises, and vacations are in high demand. Witness the grandeur of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights that are best seen during September-April when there are longer periods of darkness.  Fairbanks is the place to go to see this stunning event. Experience art/history at the Alaska Center for Performing arts, and immerse yourself in Shakespeare or an evening with the Anchorage Symphony. From the majestic eagle to the mighty grizzly bear, wildlife can be seen throughout the state thanks to viewing areas designed for the public, and avid photographers alike.  Independent living offers no shortage of fresh air, and fitness.  Hike through the lush forest of Denali National Park, or for the truly adventurous accompany an Iditarod racer on a dog sled!  

Let ActiveAdult help you start living out your retirement dreams in the land of the midnight sun.

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