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Ways to Share the Love This Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2022 • Admin

While the lines at See’s Candy are wrapped around the block, and local florists are in a frenzy of ribbon, and rose petals, this very loving time of year could be spent giving back, and spending time with friends. You don’t have to be hitched to celebrate Valentine’s Day, in fact not being committed to a dinner reservation gives you the freedom to use your talents, and connect with those around you. Get creative this year with some heartfelt ways to show you care.

Start a Singles Group

Live in a 55+ neighborhood? With all the social club’s many offers, why not start a group for singles? It’s an amazing way to meet new people, and share exciting activities. Mix it up once and a while and get together for a dance class, wine tasting, or try a new restaurant. Even if sparks don’t fly, socializing with fellow singles is the perfect opportunity to make lifelong friends, and share something in common.


Whether it’s volunteering at your local animal or homeless shelter, school, or church, nothing says I love you more than sacrificing your time, and effort for someone in need. Finding creative ways to serve whether it’s bringing a hot meal to a housebound neighbor, offering to babysit the grandkids, or providing a ride to an appointment touches others in ways you couldn’t imagine. Love to bake? Why not get friends together for a bake sale, and share the proceeds with a charity.

Pamper Yourself

When you love yourself, you can love others in a greater capacity. Treat yourself to some new sports gear, or take advantage of that shoe sale. Many spas and salons offer Valentine’s Day discounts perfect for a rejuvenating massage, or polished manicure. Visit your local coffeehouse and relax with a book, and a latte, because let us face it, coffee is always a perfect idea. A box of chocolates just for you? An even better idea.

Secret Valentine

For a taste of grammar school nostalgia, get your active adult community on board, and draw names for a secret Valentine. A great way to create a close-knit relationship amongst neighbors, everyone loves the anticipation of exchanging gifts. Make neighborhood newbies feel part of the community by delivering cookies, or a floral arrangement for the ultimate welcome.

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