Travel Tips for Active Seniors

Travel tips for active seniors

Retirement is the best time to enjoy life. Retirement allows you to do things you could not do before. Travel is one of the most popular past-times for seniors. They have the time and, most often, the resources to enjoy travelling now that life is slowing down. However, when considering travelling, it is important that you plan for travel accordingly. If you don’t, you will be in for some taxing experiences.

Be Smart with Packing – We, very rarely, consider the weight of the empty bag. When you add your clothes and necessities into this the bag will weigh more than we can carry comfortably. So, consider using light-weight luggage and pack light. This, of course, depends on your travel destination.

Be Ready for the Unexpected–As a 55+ senior, you may have many medications to take. Always put your medications in your carry-on bag and never in your luggage. If you lose your luggage, you will always have your medication. Clothes can be bought, medicine, not so easy.

Get a Health Check – It is always a good idea to visit your family doctor prior to your trip. You will feel relieved to get a clean bill of health before you travel. You should also get the vaccinations and immunizations necessary for travel. Your doctor can also provide you with information about the closest health care facility at your destination.

Plan Ahead – Find out where important facilities, such as, hospitals, embassies, and write down the emergency number at your destination. Although you may not need it, it is always good to have it with you. You are travelling to a foreign region or country. Who knows what you may encounter?

Confirm Reservations – Always make sure your hotel reservations are confirmed. It would be a real inconvenience to arrive at the hotel and not have a reservation. Make sure all your requirements, such as early check-in and late check-out, rooms near the elevator, etc. are met before you step on the plane.

Have Fun – Don’t let all the travel worries keep you from enjoying your holiday. Be spontaneous and stray a bit from your itinerary. This will let you make new and fun discoveries.

If you consider these travel tips the next time you go on holiday, you are sure to have a good time.

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