The Smart Benefits of Home Automation

We’ve come a long way from “The Clapper” when innovations like Alexa and remote climate control seemed so futuristic. Each year smartphone, and home automation technology gets bigger, and better offering endless options for making life a little easier. Some might find these voice controlled gadgets a bit of a frivolity, but these groundbreaking technologies have changed the way baby boomers are aging in place. Imagine running your entire home on command without having to flip a switch? From enhancing security to programming entertainment systems, tech-savvy homebuyers are living the future right now.

Safety First: If you’ve ever left the house wondering if the garage was left open, home automation takes the guesswork out of home security. Home automation goes a step above standard alarm systems by allowing residents to be in control over what goes on at home from their smartphone or laptop. Everything from monitoring security cameras to keyless entry can all be managed remotely which is a revolutionary concept for baby boomers that do a great deal of traveling. Brookfield Residential’s innovative Smart Home design offers the voice-activated Amazon technologies with the ability to set important reminders like remembering to take medications or keeping track of appointments.

Smart Energy: Home automation can be a lifesaver when it comes to saving energy. Program your thermostat, and irrigation before you leave for vacation, but if you forget? No problem. Smart Home design lets you make the necessary adjustments remotely to save energy you won’t be using. In fact, according to Energy Star, 66% of consumers reported a significant reduction in energy usage after installing a smart thermostat. From the Smart Strip which cuts the power supply to electronics even after shutting them off, to automatic light sensors, making a greater effort to go green has never been this accessible.

Home Entertainment: Practicality aside, home automation is just plain fun. Setting the stage for movie night, or a romantic dinner can be done with the sound of your voice. Dim the lights, open or close the curtains, and cue your favorite entertainment without lifting a finger. Wondering what to substitute in a recipe or want to hear your favorite tune? Products like Amazon Echo and Google Home let you ask anything at any time without having to turn on your computer or rifle through your CD collection. What does the future hold for home technology? We’re already on the brink of driverless cars so only time will tell.

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