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The Benefits of Water Aerobics for Seniors

March 8, 2023 • Fenny Peiffer

The Benefits of Water Aerobics for Seniors

Committing to an active lifestyle is a great way for seniors to remain healthy and independent. But while exercise has its perks, there are certain forms – like jogging, aerobics, or cycling – that can lead to nasty falls or injuries. Water-based activities such as water aerobics provide the same health benefits with a much lesser risk of accidents; plus they offer plenty more advantages! From improved cardiovascular fitness levels and increased balance control right through better sleep quality: here’s why engaging in water aerobics should be part of your senior self-care regime today!


Protects the Joints

Running and various other high-impact exercises can put stress on the joints. This can be very difficult for seniors. The impact of your feet landing on the ground, after high-impact exercises, can put undue strain on your joints. This does not happen with water aerobics. The buoyancy of the water does not put undue strain on your joints as half your weight is supported by the water. Plus, the resistance experienced while in water also prevents you from moving your joints too quickly, which can also cause injury.


Prevents Falls and Injuries

If you are worried about falling while doing exercises, you should not be so if doing water aerobics. Falls are extremely common among seniors due to reduced balance and fragile bones. This is minimized with water aerobics. Once again, the buoyancy of the water protects you from falls. Even if you were to lose your balance and fall, the water will protect you from any injury.


Improves Mental Health

Your mental health will also improve with water aerobics. Exercise in any form is beneficial for your mental health. Water aerobics is extremely beneficial as you are part of a group and you get to socialize with the members of the group. Seniors face the grave problem of loneliness which leads to depression. Three days of water aerobics classes mean more time to interact with other people and have fun. This prevents the onset of depression.


Stay Fit and Healthy

Exercise is vital for all seniors. It helps them stay fit and live longer. Water aerobics provides the ability to exercise safely without any worries about the injury. Water aerobics, at least three times a week, helps you to stay fit and healthy.

Water aerobics is highly recommended for seniors. This is a great way to exercise and enjoy spending time with others while reaping its benefits.

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