Taking a Closer Look at 55+ Active Adult Communities

Active Adult Retirement Community

When we talk about 55+ active adult communities, do we really know what we are talking about? What are these communities? What do they offer 55+ adults, such as, us? What are their restrictions and what are the costs associated with living in one of these communities? These are some of the questions many of my friends and I ponder when we discuss our retirement. After some digging around, I sure managed to become better educated on these 55+ communities and thought I should share my finds.

What are 55+ Communities?

55+ communities are also referred to in different names. These include age-restricted communities, age-qualified communities, and age-segregated communities, etc. Homes in these communities range from single-family detached to condos to ranch and villa type homes etc. These communities are just right for seniors; most contain single-story homes and are built so that you can grow old comfortably in them. You will find homes with one to two bedrooms and baths, accessible bathroom features, two-car garages and many more features ideal for seniors. Most of these homes are set in beautiful surroundings and provide its residents 100% security as these communities are mostly gated. These communities provide various amenities to their residents, helping them lead a fulfilled, active life. The community will include a clubhouse that is the hub of all happenings, and the clubhouse will include a gymnasium, swimming pools, tennis courts, spa facilities, golf courses, etc.

Are they in Proximity to Other Amenities?

55+ communities are built with this age group in mind. Therefore, you will find all you need within proximity to your community. So, you will not have to venture far to find a good restaurant to dine, shopping centers to spend money and churches to go to on Sundays. Usually, these communities are almost always located in proximity to medical facilities. Some communities even have their resident doctor in the house!

What about Maintenance?

One of the best things about living in a 55+ community is you get to enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle. This means you will not have to spend time and money on the exterior maintenance of your home. Your lawn will be mowed, your snow will be plowed, and your building will be painted by the homeowner’s association. There are also instances when your home insurance, utilities, transportation, and various other amenities will be covered by the community associations.

What are the Restrictions?

One of the rules of living in a 55+ community is that at least one member of your family should be over the age of 55. This depends on the community. Some are more flexible than others. There are other rules set forth by the Homeowners associations which may include the restriction of children and adults under 55 becoming permanent residents in the community.

What is the Cost of Living in the Community?

The cost of living in the community may differ according to the community. Although you may pay a specific sum of money outright for your home, you may be charged a monthly or annual fee for various services provided by the community. There are also communities that enable you to rent your home, instead of buying it, so that you can save your nest egg.

These are what 55+ active adult communities are all about. Now that you are aware of what it is, you should take a look at the communities available on ActiveAdultLiving.com®. This is a website that provides you comprehensive information on various communities across the US and Canada. You are sure to find a community that fits your requirements.

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