Should You Take a Memory Test When Going Past 55?

Alzheimer’s Dementia

Have you noticed any signs of starting to forget things more often than before? It is common for people to lose their ability to remember things. Memory loss is gradual and is due to the loss of more brain cells than the ones being newly produced. Misplacing items like keys, your mobile phone or eyeglasses are common signs. Inability or difficulty to recall names of people or places you know and forgetting important appointments or tasks is not uncommon among people when they get older. Have you faced such situations? Are these situations becoming more frequent?

Don’t worry. It may be due to normal aging. But it may be a good idea to take a memory test as there are more serious illnesses and other causes linked to memory loss. Many of these illnesses can be treated to cure, minimize the effects or delay the progress. There are memory tests that can help to diagnose Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease that are serious conditions causing older people to lose memory and other brain functions.

Though the more sophisticated tests used for diagnosing Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease need to be administered and interpreted by medical professionals. There are some other tests that can help people to test their memory. They are fun and some are available online and free. Here are some memory tests suitable for seniors:

  • Clock Draw Test: This simple test is useful in detecting mild cognitive impairment, dementia, or Alzheimer’s. The test requires the person drawing a clock by hand. It helps to differentiate between normal aging and dementia.
  • Self-Administered Gerocognitive Examination (SAGE): This is a 15 question written exam and takes less than 15 minutes to complete. It has been recognized as a powerful tool for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease.
  • (TYM) Test your memory for Alzheimer’s or Dementia: Developed for people living in the UK. This test is designed for people that live in England, this test requires 10 simple tasks like copying a sentence, making a simple calculation, recalling words etc that tests memory and cognitive functions.
  • Mini-Cog Test: This is a very accurate test for identifying mild cognitive impairment, dementia, or an early stage of Alzheimer’s. It takes only three minutes.
  • Dr. Oz Alzheimer’s Memory Quiz: This is a test Developed from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VAMC) St. Louis University Mental Status (SLUMS) examination.

If you administer any of these tests for yourself and get disturbing results that shows even a mild impairment it is important to get advice from your Doctor or a neurologist. Early detection of Alzheimer’s disease can make a very big difference in your life as the progress of the disease can be slowed down by proper treatments. Furthermore, you can take early actions to plan your future life, while you are still able to make decisions and can look after yourself.

Because the elderly people affected with Alzheimer’s disease progressively loses the ability to look after themselves and carry out their daily day to day affairs, they need understanding and caring family to look after them or assistance from a professional caregiver.

When you are past 55+, it is vital that you keep yourself occupied mentally and physically, in order to avoid memory-related illnesses. Lack of engagement in activities, as well as a lack of social interactions, is among the most notable factors contributing to mental illnesses in seniors. This is why living in an Active Adult Living community where you will be surrounded by like-minded people of the same age will be beneficial. The wide range of mentally engaging and physically beneficial activities promoted and facilitated by these communities will keep you in a state of good health and wellbeing. Visit where you will find over 8,400 such senior living communities across USA, Canada and Mexico.

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