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Pros and Cons of 55+ Communities that Offer Condominium Living

October 16, 2020 • Admin

Pros and Cons of 55+ Communities that Offer Condominium Living

Many retirees prefer apartment-style living to that of single-family living. This is the reason they look for 55+ communities that offer condominium living. What are condominiums? Condominiums or condos are individually owned apartments in a building. They provide seniors low-maintenance, single-level living in prime locations. However, condo-living comes with its very own advantages and disadvantages. So, if you wish to spend your retirement in a condo, you need to weigh its pros and cons.

Advantages of Condominium Living

Condominiums are often built on prime locations. If you are a senior who prefers city living, considering a condo is your best option. Condominium communities are also very safe and make ideal lock ‘n’ leave communities. They usually come with security features, such as, guards and buzzers etc. that make it easy for you to go on vacation or spend only a particular time of year in the condo. Many 55+ seniors consider condominium communities because there is no lawn maintenance and roof and plumbing maintenance. They can enjoy retirement to the fullest when someone else is doing these tasks. Most 55 and over communities offer various amenities in common areas including a swimming pool, gym, and tennis courts that you would not be able to afford otherwise.

Disadvantages of Condominium Living

Along with its advantages, condominium living also comes with its disadvantages. Because you share walls and common areas with your neighbors, you may hear them and meet them more often than you like. In addition, you have to pay a specific amount every month for maintenance and repairs for common areas, as well as, the maintenance and upkeep of common areas. Condos are also governed by set rules that may include the prohibition of pets, restrictions on noise levels, and sometimes, even the color of the curtains you put on your windows.

You should always consider the pros and cons before jumping in to purchase a condominium. If you are still up for living in an active adult community with condominium living, you should consider the 55 plus communities mentioned below.

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