Prepping Your Home for the Cold Weather

How to Prepare Your Home For Winter

Summer is a faint memory. The cold weather is upon us and now it is time to get our homes prepped for the coming winter. Preparing your home for winter does not mean covering your home with heavy drapes and blocking the sunlight. It is about making your home cozy and comfortable and welcoming. Here are a few things that can be done to make your home toasty and comfy and also looking good.

Add More Lighting to your Home

As the days are short, you can expect a certain amount of gloominess in your home. Here’s what you can do to expel this gloominess. Reevaluate your interior lighting. Consider spreading your lighting throughout a room so that there’s plenty of light from every angle in the home. This will make your home look brighter and dispel the gloominess winter months usually bring. You can also check the quality of the light bulbs. Fix bulbs with a high color rendering index for better lighting.

Fill the Rooms with Color

Gray skies and gray days are expected. But, your home, on the inside, does not have to be devoid of color. Add cheer to your rooms with bright pillows and cushions. If you like, color a wall with bright colors. Add colorful drapes and rugs. You will be surprised at the “life” that comes into a room when you add a few touches of color to it.

Heavy Drapes for Insulation

Winter months mean cold drafts if you don’t use heavy or layered drapes. Consider drapes made out of insulating material. If you are going with lighter fabric, consider layering. It will be a waste of gas to put up drapes that don’t do anything to keep the warmth in and the cold out. A helpful tip to keep in mind; keep south-facing window drapes open, during winter, as this brings in light and heat.

Get the Chimney or Flue Inspected

A fire is a wonderful addition to those cold days and nights. Nothing brings on the “cozy” than a crackling fire. So, if you plan to use that fireplace have your chimney inspected before it’s too late. Check your fire alarm. Make sure it’s working and replace the batteries. And, of course, get your fireplace inspected and ensure that it’s safe for operation.

These are a few tips on prepping your home for the cold weather. Now is the time to see it.

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