Let’s Drink to Good Health

What do Merlot, Cabernet, and Syrah have in common? Well if you’re thinking a leisurely afternoon at a winery than you’re right! But did you know that enjoying that glass of red wine is good for your heart and may prevent falls?

The skins and seeds of the grapes used to produce red wine contain a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol which has been shown to have effective anti-aging properties. Antioxidants as we know work to protect tissues and cells in our bodies against inflammation, cancer, and free radicals. A glass or two daily can inhibit cell damage caused by Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Research has also shown senior citizens to have an improvement in motor function thus reducing the frequency of falls. Does white wine have the same benefit? The difference is in the production. White wines, as opposed to reds, are produced without the grape skins which is where the antioxidant is found.

Can’t I just drink grape juice? You could. Concord grape juice is a good non-alcoholic alternative, but the levels of resveratrol are not quite as high because the entire grape isn’t always used in the process. If alcohol is off-limits for you, resveratrol is available in supplement form and is equally effective in its antioxidant benefit.

Red wine is still an alcoholic beverage so remember to enjoy in moderation. Certain prescription drugs should not be mixed with alcohol, so check with your doctor or pharmacist to know if there are any precautions to be taken.

It’s always nice to know when something like wine can be good for your health. Paired with the right foods especially good quality dark chocolate and you have a winning combination! But then again chocolate and red wine are always a winner, right?

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