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September 27, 2019 • Fenny Peiffer

Charleston, south Carolina, USA skyline

So, you are thinking of retiring to someplace new? You may discuss these ideas with your family and friends. Out of the blue, someone may suggest that you retire to South Carolina. You may wonder what is so special about this state. Why not some other state? Well… there is a multitude of reasons why South Carolina is special. Here are five to get you thinking.

Five Reasons to Live in South Carolina

1. Things to do 
South Carolina is a tourist hub. This means you will never run short of things to see and do.  For example, there are a number of events happening throughout the year.  There are fishing tournaments, art and craft festivals, garden tours and golf tournaments. There are also historical reenactments taking place as well as ball games and various other activities.  People from all over the US tend to visit South Carolina to attend these events and festivities throughout the year.  Many of the festivals and events take place at Henry Chambers Waterfront Park in Beaufort.

2. Historical Sights

As one of the 13 original colonies in the US, South Carolina has much to offer you historically.  In Charleston, South Carolina, you will be able to see the home of South Carolina Canal and Rail Road Company owner, William Aiken’s home.  Apart from this, you can visit Belton Standpipe in Belton, South Carolina where, in 1908, the 155-foot, castle-like water tower structure for the city of Belton was built. Many other historical sites include the antebellum building sites in Greenville, the clock that has run for over 100 years in Winnsboro and the historic Camden revolutionary war site in Camden, one of the oldest existing inland towns in the state, etc.

3. Arts and Entertainment

South Carolina has quite a reputation when it comes to arts and entertainment.  There are a number of award-winning museums, performing arts centers, and theaters in this state. The Bob Jones University Museum, in Greenville showcases a renowned collection of European old master paintings and 30 elegant galleries.  You can mingle with actual artists and shake their hands at The Artists’ Colony in Sumter. Art glass by Tiffany, paintings by Monet and Botticelli’s only fresco outside of Italy can be admired in awe at the Columbia Museum of Art in Columbia.

4. Golf

If you are into golf, there are over 360 championship courses with breathtaking views, various elevation changes and degrees of hazard. Without a doubt, some of the best golf courses in the state can be found in South Carolina.  Why not practice your game where all the pros play at Harbor Town Golf Links in Hilton Head or test your skills at the “Toughest Course in America” as stated by the Golf Digest Ocean Course in Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Oak Point. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or an amateur. You will find many golf courses that suit you to a tee.

5. Beaches

Each of the beaches in South Carolina is unlike any other.  This is what is so special about the beaches in South Carolina, making it the fifth choice to live in South Carolina.  Whether you just want to get away or enjoy a fun-filled weekend with your family, there are myriad of beaches in South Carolina to suit your purposes. Peace and quiet can be found at the beach in Hilton Head Island while fun and entertainment is on the cards in many of the beaches in and around Charleston.

Are you sold on South Carolina or do you need any more reasons to live here? How about their active adult enclaves? There are 200 active adult 55+ age-restricted and age-targeted active lifestyle communities in South Carolinadetailedwithin the web site. Each one is unique, and beautiful, with lots to offer to their residents. Set in the most delightful places, these communities provide you the ultimate life of bliss and tranquil yet exciting retirement years. Some of the detailed communities are mentioned below:

More information on various other communities that may suit your active lifestyle can be found by browsing our website  This is a website dedicated to providing you the ideal communities for your retirement years. Over 8,500 communities are categorized by state, locations, price range, lifestyle, house styles etc, making your search very easy and less time-consuming.  So, come explore the options by browsing through the wealth of real estate info presented to you on our website.


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