Five Ways of Minimizing Stress in Your Life

Many people assume retired seniors have absolutely no stress. They have a pension, don’t have work-related problems, etc. How can they have stress? How wrong they are! Seniors experience heaps of stress. These are related to bill payments, mortgages, debts and medical problems. If you are a senior, and you are reading this article, here are a few ways to minimize stress in your life.

  • Take a Walk – Walking, not only for exercise, helps relieve loads of stress from your life. You can enjoy the scenery and forget about bill payments. In addition, the exercise you get from it releases endorphins which are natural “feel good” hormones. Many 55+ communities feature walking trails just for this reason.
  • Find Solutions for Finances – Actually sitting down and finding effective solutions for your finances is a great stress reliever. Although the initial stage may be tough, in the long run, you stand to remove the major cause of stress in your life. You can either discuss solutions with your partner or hire the assistance of a professional.
  • Laugh Often – They don’t say “laughter is the best medicine” for nothing! So, find reasons to laugh. Read jokes in the comics section of your newspaper, watch comedies on TV or hang out with “fun” friends in your retirement community. Do whatever you can to laugh for a while. This is a great stress reliever.
  • Travel Down “Fun” Memory Lane – As a senior, you will have a host of memories to smile about. Remember the vacations, trips, birthday parties or anything that made you happy. This will not only exercise your mind but also give you something to smile and de-stress about.
  • Find a Hobby – Hobbies are things we like to do. Anything we like to do can be fun. So, find a hobby and take pleasure in every minute of it. This can be painting, volunteering at the local animal shelter (if you like animals), reading to children or others less fortunate than you, etc. Your choices are limitless.

Now that you know five ways to de-stress, get on it without fail. Learning how to de-stress and relax is extremely good for your mind and your health.

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