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Embracing Your Single Lifestyle

September 27, 2021 • Admin

Embracing Your Single Lifestyle

I confess that I’m guilty of typical “single girl” habits like eating ice cream out of the carton (on the couch), dancing to my playlist of guilty pleasure tunes, and while I don’t own a cat, my golden retriever is the love of my life. Sure, having a man in my life someday would be amazing, but I’ve realized over the years that being single has its advantages, and I’ve met more than a few senior singles in my day that are living it up with enthusiasm, and vigor. I have much to aspire to! Society seems to base everything around being in relationships, touting all the things to do with your honey, but there are also plenty of ways to celebrate your independence.

55+ communities are great for filling your social calendar, with groups like book clubs, dance, and fitness classes. They are almost designed with singles in mind, with many featuring outdoor gathering areas, walking trails, and hobby activities. Many residents say they enjoy the camaraderie and have made more friends than ever since moving to their active adult communities. The best part about living in a 55+ community is being surrounded by like-minded individuals that share common interests. From organizing an early morning golf swing to meeting up for a group hike, friendships during these golden years are likely to be the most meaningful ones.

Traveling alone can be liberating. Be the master of your own itinerary, and fulfill your dreams of backpacking through Europe, or take yourself to a tropical paradise. If sharing the travel experience is more your style, bring a friend or group along for the adventure of a lifetime. 55+ globe trekkers can usually take advantage of discounts on travel expenses like airfare, lodging, and transportation.

Becoming a volunteer in your community connects you with others in ways you couldn’t imagine. Turn solo holidays around by serving meals to those in need at your local church or homeless shelter. Humane societies often need volunteers to care for shelter pets, and what better therapy than interacting with an animal? There isn’t much that beats a wet nose and warm furry body.

When you’re ready to dive into the dating scene, remember being older, and wiser puts you ahead of the game. Explore your options, maybe trying online dating, or sign up for a dance class, and try a spicy Tango lesson!

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