Do You Belong to the Baby Boom Generation?

Are you a babyboomer

The Baby Boomers Are Now Hitting Retirement Age

We all talk about the baby boomer generation and associate 55+ adults with this term. Yet most of us may not be sure how this generation came to be known by this label. The baby boom generation is a term applicable to a period of the great increase in the number of births in America that occurred from 1946 to 1964. During this period, in the United States alone, there were approximately 79 million births. This generation has experienced some of the iconic eras in history including the end of World War II, Woodstock, John F Kennedy, John Lennon, Flower Power and, of course, the Vietnam War.

The Effect of Baby Boomers on American Society

Baby boomers of 1946 to 1955 were referred to as early baby boomers, while the others were known as late boomers. The number of boomers during this time was significant and made a huge impact on American society and the way it is shaped presently. The sociologists have established that the BBs had a very distinct set of values and represented a way of life and a value system that was vastly different from their parents’ generation. Their ideas about how one should live and how one should act were also altered profoundly. With a zest for living, working, and achievement, the Boomers fueled sluggish economies and contributed to massive growth in the wealth of the nations. Even now, these boomers are not satisfied with being termed as “old”. They do not believe that retired life should be lived in an institution but seize on any opportunity to stay involved and active, for as long as possible, in their workplace and home. This is why Active Adult Living Communities are ideal for retiring Baby boomers who can spend the rest of their 55+ years, living their desired lifestyle.

What do Baby Boomers do now?

Do you belong to this wonderful generation? Are you a proud baby boomer who joined hands during the civil rights protests? Are you one of the many valiant soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War? Did you liberate your inner wild child in the flower power era? Whatever you did or didn’t do, you were born at the right time. This was a generation that the world would never forget and the impact you made on the society is indelible at social, economic and spiritual levels. Now that you have passed middle age and entered your 50s or 60s, you should still consider life as an adventure. Forget old age, and think of fun things to do that can still make you proud to be who you are. Take a trip, make new friends, do something fun or take up a new hobby. Why not relocate to an Age targeted or age-restricted senior community where you will have like-minded friends of the same generation to socialize with? There are many things you can do to make your life exciting during this 2nd youth in your life.

Consider Living the Life of an Active Boomer

One of the best places that you can consider to “hang” with your pals is in an active adult community. These are communities especially built for you. You can meet other baby boomers and reminisce about life in the 60s, or you can sit back and enjoy yourself with a cool glass of lemonade by the pool and listen to the Beatles. Play golf all day with your buddies, go fishing, hiking or even play tennis. Life is full of activities and fun things when you live in an active adult community. Visit one of the communities mentioned below to see how some of the baby boomers have taken 55+ bull by the horns!

More information about active adult communities can be obtained from our website  Ours is a comprehensive national directory of more than 8,400 communities designed and built especially for you boomers.  Browse through the communities and you will surely be swayed by the sound of “good life” that awaits the BBs who choose to live life to the fullest at this 55+phase in life.

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