Breast Cancer Facts for Over 55 Seniors

October is breast cancer awareness month. Because of this, we at® have decided to provide you a few facts about breast cancer. Ignorance can be your worst enemy. So, here goes…..

About Cancer

Breast cancer can affect people at any age, but you are more at risk as you get older. Cancer occurs due to the development of abnormal cells in the body. This development occurs fast and the production of more cells results in a mass of tissue called a tumor. Although cancer begins in a particular part of the body, it can spread to other tissues and organs. Understanding cancer and getting regular checkups is the best way to avoid the complications of cancer.

Understanding Breast Cancer

Breast cancer forms in the tissues of the breast, and women over 50 are more likely to get breast cancer than younger women. Men too can develop breast cancer, although this is a small percentage. Cancer grows in breast tissue and can spread outward. These cancer cells are, most often, found in the lymph nodes under the arm. Unfortunately, if the lymph nodes show signs of cancer, it means the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. Breast cancer can metastasize to any other organ including the lungs, kidneys, liver or even the brain. You don’t have to have a family history of breast cancer to develop it. Therefore, do not assume you are free of breast cancer even if there are no risk factors involved.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The first symptom of breast cancer is a lump in the breast. Although most lumps, found in the breast, are not cancerous, you should not rest easy till it is diagnosed. Other symptoms of breast cancer include;

• Change in the size or shape of one or both breasts
• A discharge from either or both breasts
• Any kind of lump or swelling under the arm
• A rash in or around the nipple
• Any change of appearance in the breasts

Today, more and more women are surviving breast cancer. This is because of early detection and breast cancer awareness. Treating the cancer early can either shrink or destroy it and this can stop its growth and spread. So, consider getting regular checkups. Breast cancer is not something you should take lightly. Regular checkups can save your life.

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