Baby Boomers Want More From Life Than Bingo!

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Baby boomers are no longer happy to sit in a community hall and play bingo. They want much more than a life, just sitting somewhere and looking at the view. They want activities, creature comforts, and exciting life. So, what do baby boomers want in their lives?

They want to Stay Active – Sports and gyms are very popular with your average 55+ senior. They like feeling healthy and young and make exercise a routine of their everyday life. Activities can be solitary or group activities that include walking, jogging, tennis, golf, swimming, aerobics, etc. This is why many active adult communities offer boomers these activities.

They want to Keep Working – Baby boomers are not happy quitting work after retirement age. They want to keep working and keeping their minds active. Even if it is a career change, boomers will not stay idle during retirement.

They want to Volunteer –Boomers like the opportunity to deepen their connections to local communities. They do so by volunteering. They read to patients in hospitals, work at many volunteer shelters, and do whatever they can to make their contribution.

They want to Relax near Water – Boomers love relaxing aquatic areas. This could be one of the reasons why waterfront 55+ communities are very much in demand these days. They like taking relaxing cruises, jet skiing, and doing any wide variety of aquatic activities as well.

They want to Date – Although the majority of seniors are still married, those who are either divorced or widowed want to start dating again. Online dating has become a popular past-time for many boomers.

They want to be Independent – Many boomers are living on their own. They like the feeling of independence it brings and some even do things around their homes on their own. For example, in order to downsize, many seniors do their home improvement activities on their own. They are also extremely self-sufficient and this is apparent through their likes for crafting and gardening. This is why many retirement communities feature art & craft rooms and community gardens.

Boomers are not happy sitting at home playing bingo. These are just 6 of the things boomers want to do with their lives. This is why many active adult communities feature all or some of the things boomers want out of life.

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