Are You a Senior Seeking a Job After Retirement?

When Time is at Hand After Retirement, How do You Find another Job?

Retirement may be all exciting in its early stages. However, it can get boring when you have nothing but time on your hands. This may prompt the thought of returning to work, at least on a part-time basis. Are you seeking re-entrance to the workforce, now that you have thoroughly enjoyed some time in retirement? If so, there are a few factors that you should consider before applying for a job.

Register with an Agency

If you are interested in returning to work, you should firstly register with a few temp agencies in your area. Most agencies are not looking for people of a certain age. They just want someone who possesses the skills and experience to get them through a rough patch. This is also an excellent idea as it helps you to build your resume.

Practice your Interview Skills

It would likely be some time since your last interview. You would have lost touch with various aspects of interviewing and how to answer questions. Therefore, practice your interviewing skills before you go for a job interview.

Rewrite your Resume

The formats of resumes change regularly. Therefore, yours would most likely appear old-fashioned. You may need the assistance of an expert who can update your resume. Sometimes, omitting your age from your resume may be a good option. Many employers tend to put your resume aside when they feel you are “too old” to be considered for the job.

Look for Projects or Part-time Work

You may not wish to work full-time. In fact, project work or part-time work may be the best option for you as it involves less stress. Furthermore, this enables you to do other things that you did not have time to do before. You can also consider working as a consultant or a freelancer.

Consider your Previous Employer

If you enjoyed working at your previous work prior to retirement, you can consider giving your employer a call and asking about part-time job options.

Meet People in Person

If you feel you have the personality and the positive image required to make a sale, go for it.  It is always beneficial for contacting employers in person.  Always ensure that you are not bothering them and be respectful of their views.  Keep in mind to dress well and exude enthusiasm and vitality when meeting prospective employers.  Do not dress as you did 30 years ago.  You cannot hide your age in person; however, you can look respectable and distinguished.

It may not be easy going back to the workforce after retiring.  Do not become discouraged, if you are not considered for a job for a while.  Make the most of your situation and live your life to fullest.  After all, you have worked so hard all these years, retirement is meant to give you a break and do other things that will bring completeness and fulfillment to life.

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Finding work opportunities after retirement can be your focus, especially when you seem to have nothing but free time in your hands. If you were to live in an exciting and action-packed senior living community, you may probably not want to work after retirement but enjoy life at its best.


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