6 Reasons to Work Past Retirement Age

When thinking of retirement, we think of sitting on a beach and sipping a mojito or hitting the golf course. Of course, this is the dream, is it not? However, some seniors need to work after retirement due to financial concerns. There are still others who prefer to work, past retirement, because it gives them a purpose and makes them happy. Here are some reasons to work past retirement.

1. Working Benefits Physical and Mental Health – Working after retirement keeps your brain active. This delays age-related diseases, such as, dementia. In addition, keeping active both mentally and physically also help you feel younger. Your social life will be more active and you feel good as you have a purpose in life.

2. You Enjoy your Work – As many retirees do, you could be working simply because you like to do so. This enables you to enjoy what you do. However, if your work is strenuous, it may be beneficial considering a different job that takes less of your time.

3. Savings are Substantial – The longer you delay retiring, the longer you can wait without withdrawing your retirement savings. If you have not saved for retirement, working past retirement will enable you to save some money.

4. You Cannot NOT Work – Some seniors may find retirement boring as they are used to working and being active. This can be alleviated somewhat by moving to an active adult community where a busy lifestyle awaits you. However, many seniors may continue to work irrespective of these reasons.

5. You can Delay Social Security – Delaying tapping into social security ensures a larger monthly check for the rest of your lifetime. This can be extremely beneficial what with the cost of living increasing exponentially.

6. Working Provides Health Insurance – Most often, health insurance, under Medicare, will not start till 65. If you have retired before this, working at another job will help you with healthcare expenses until you are eligible for Medicare health insurance.

Working past retirement age is sometimes a necessity. However, it does provide you with a sense of purpose and a paycheck. Always plan for retirement and save money so you don’t have to work unless you want to. Saving for retirement, when you are able is essential as there are no guarantees, and if you don’t, you could face grave financial problems.

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