Your Guide to Quick Delivery Homes

Quick Delivery Homes

Maybe you’re wanting to be moved in for the holidays, or just itching to start making memories, but if your plans include building the home of your dreams the waiting game may put a wrench in your timeline – or will it? If you’ve ever been in the market for a home in a 55+  community you may have noticed options for “quick delivery, homes and wondered what they are, and how they differ from traditional custom builds. Can you still put your personal stamp on it? Yes! Are you someone who prefers instant gratification over waiting up to nine months for your dreams to come true? Then quick delivery might be your best bet.

Custom vs. Quick Delivery 101

Quick delivery or existing homes are built much faster than “from scratch” floor plans, because they’re already under various stages of construction, whereas a custom home build doesn’t begin until the buyer has chosen all their materials and given the green light. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, it can take 6 months or more to go from pouring the foundation to keys-in-hand, which is why quick delivery can be such an appealing option. Unlike custom versions, the majority of a quick delivery home design has already been spoken for, but oftentimes buyers still have the opportunity to add a few personal touches whether it ’s selecting their own flooring, or countertops. Going the quick delivery route will usually accelerate the process and get you in the door faster, but either way, the end result will be a high-quality home that you had a hand in designing.

Will You Save With Quick Delivery?

Depending on the builder, some upgrades like premium fixtures, or high tech innovations will  increase the purchase price of a custom home, but because the extra bells and whistles (aside  from any customizations you make yourself) are already accounted for, it can often be more  cost effective to buy a quick delivery home – what you see is what you get so to speak.  Additionally, existing homes have already gone through the tedious process of obtaining permits, and complying with zoning laws. Another way that buying a quick delivery home  might keep your budget intact is if you’re crunched for time whether it’s relocating for work, or  you’ve just sold your home and need to move quickly, buying a home already in the works can  save you from having to temporarily rent a home or pay for storage while you wait for  construction to be completed.

If you’re not sure which avenue to take, working with a reputable builder like Kolter Homes or  Cornerstone can help you navigate any red tape and find the perfect abode to match your active lifestyle because the hardest part about building your dream home should be sending out the housewarming invitations.

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