Worldwide Affordable Retirement Options

Retirement Destinations for Seniors

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, or you’ve saved your big overseas trek until now, what better way to spend your well-deserved retirement than to go abroad? Millions of Americans decide to pack their bags, and venture out of the U.S in the pursuit of their “American Dream.” The cost of living outside the U.S. is surprisingly affordable, so even those with a smaller nest egg can live comfortably. These hot spots offer budget-friendly living, paired with a luxurious cultural experience.

Valencia, Spain

This is a haven for retirees with its year-round gorgeous weather, and rich history. Situated along the Mediterranean, Valencia offers stunning beaches, cozy cafes, shopping, and is listed seventh in the nation for the best healthcare according to the World Health Organization. It may be surprising to know that the cost of living is almost 50% lower than in New York! In fact, rent prices for apartments within the city average around $750 USD. An evening of music, tapas, and a warm coastal breeze? Yes, please.

Cuenca, Ecuador

South America is gaining in popularity amongst 55+ retirees looking for affordable living. What makes the city of Ecuador an attractive option is there is no foreign currency to contend with as they adopted the U.S dollar in January of 2000. According to International Living, comfortable retirement in Cuenca can be had for a budget of $2000, and with a historic yet modern flair, it’s no wonder this place has become the place to go for active living. Mild temperatures offer folks ample opportunity for outdoor recreation, and access to what many would say is the best product you can get.

Languedoc, France

From skiing the Pyrenees mountains to a stroll along its spectacular beaches, Languedoc boasts a mild Mediterranean climate, ancient towns, and a slower pace. Accessibility to state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and affordable homes allows folks to enjoy luxurious living while on retirement income. Live as the French do, and savor long lunch breaks, and explore historical landmarks while on foot. Thought fine European living was out of reach? Think again.

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