Why Should Active Adults Consider Swimming as a Sport?

Swimming is an Ideal Way to Keep Fit for People of Any Age Category

Keeping fit and healthy has become a major priority for active adults once they reach their senior years. This is not to say that young people should wait until they are old to start taking care of their fitness and health… What it does mean is that at 55+ you CANNOT ignore the need to do so. Health is one thing that everyone should take seriously. Staying healthy and active enables you to enjoy life to its fullest. Yet, good health does not come without hard work. It requires finding ways of relieving stress, keeping active, keeping your body hydrated at all times and eating a healthy diet. When it comes to being active and relieving stress, swimming is an ideal activity to engage in. It is a great exercise recommended for people of all ages, by many doctors as it has numerous health benefits.

Health Benefits of Swimming

Active adults who are looking for a great way to stay in top form and fitness can enjoy endless health benefits by taking up swimming. This great physical activity helps to burn calories and builds muscle while at the same time being easy on your joints. Active adult communities are the perfect destination for swimmers since many of them have beautiful outdoor and/or indoor pools. The health benefits of swimming are well known to all. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, swimming on a regular basis can lead to improved health and substantially decrease the risk of chronic illnesses. It also reports that swimmers are better able to exercise with considerably less muscle or joint pain than when they exercise on land. Swimming has also been shown to relieve symptoms of arthritis, improve overall mood and also reduce stress. It is an excellent way for older adults to improve their cardiovascular endurance and gain muscle strength. Swimming in a community pool is also a great way of socializing with other active adults and make new friends.

Active Adult Communities Contribute Towards Good Health

Active adult communities typically have a resort-style swimming pool so as to encourage socializing along with swimming. Beautiful and elegant pool designs, for instance, the outdoor swimming area at Spring Meadow, become a focal point of the clubhouse with beautiful sundecks, adjacent patios, and cozy lounge furniture. Some outdoor pool and spa areas, like that at Florida’s Valencia Bonita, also include a luxurious pool deck where you could sit by the cozy fire pit. While resort style pools can be good for both swimming and exercise, many active adult communities feature special lap pools for more serious swimmers. These can be found both indoors and outdoors, although many large fitness centers include one small indoor lap pool that can be utilized all year round, regardless of the weather.  Swimmers who want more of a challenge can find resistance pools in several active adult communities. These pools let swimmers get a vigorous workout as they swim against a current. Soleil Laurel Canyon in Canton and Encanterra®, a Trilogy® Resort Community in San Tan Valley, Arizona are a few of the many.

Active adults who love swimming will surely find beautiful pools as an integral part of the amenities in almost every active lifestyle community nationwide. If you are an active adult in search for the perfect community for yourself then look no further. At ActiveAdultLiving.com, there are over 5,400 communities detailed for you to choose from and you can easily identify communities that will serve your needs best.

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