What’s so Special about Black Friday

What is the most eventful day after Thanksgiving? You’ve got it, Black Friday! Black Friday marks the kick-off to the Holiday shopping season. This year Black Friday is on the 28th of November. While you are getting ready to rush into the stores and make your Christmas purchases, did you ever wonder why this day is called Black Friday?

About Black Friday

Black Friday was first recorded in 1966 with advertisements that this day was referred to as Black Friday by the Philadelphia Police Department due to the chaos created by heavy traffic jams and crowds mobbing the downtown department stores. Black Friday was not a word associated with happy times (the word “Black” is indicative of something negative that happened in history). For example, Black Thursday was the day that marked the beginning of the Great Depression where many people lost their livelihoods with the crash of the Stock Market. However, this negative connotation soon changed into something positive. Black Friday is an extremely profitable day in the retail sector and for the economy of the country, thus “Black Friday” nowadays signifies exciting times. In 2013, sales on Black Friday rose 2.3% from the previous year to record sales of $12.3 billion. The entire Black Friday weekend estimated both online and store sales of $57.4 million.

Violence during Black Friday

Although it is a very profitable day for the retailers, Black Friday has not been without its problems. There have been many incidences that resulted in violence and mayhem. For example, in 2013 a Chicago shoplifter was shot while making his getaway. In 2012, two people fighting over a parking spot outside a store in Tallahassee Florida were shot. The most significant violence can take place in the electronics section, there is a report of one lady who pepper sprayed the crowd because she wanted to get a Wii for 60% discount. In 2008, a man was trampled to death when approximately 2000 people broke down the doors of a store in New York.

Although chaos goes hand in hand with Black Friday, it is a day to enjoy, get into the spirit of Christmas and spend money. It is a day that kicks off the festive season and a day where you can get just about anything for discounted prices if you are early enough!

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