What NOT to Gift Grand Kids this Christmas

What NOT to Gift Grand Kids this Christmas

The gift-giving season is upon us once again. One of the greatest traditions, and one that brings us closer to our grandkids, is the tradition of gift-giving. This is part of the magic of Christmas. You don’t have to buy the most expensive gift for your grandchild. Instead, the gift just needs to be thoughtful and given with plenty of love. But, no matter what, here are a few gifts you really should NOT gift your grandkids this Christmas.

Gifts that Make Loud Noises – Although gifts that make noises may entertain your grandchild forever, it will not entertain you or the parents. So, if you are considering purchasing a drum set for your grandson or a laughing baby doll for your grand-daughter, think again. You will have your children’s undying gratitude if you skip the loud gifts this year.

Large Gifts – Think of where your grandchild lives before you buy her that huge Barbie Dream House or him a ten-speed bicycle. Yes, they may wish for it, but that does not mean you have to buy it, especially when there is absolutely no place to store it.

Expensive Gifts – Think twice before purchasing really expensive gifts. First think if your grandchild will look after such a gift and appreciate it as you expect him/her to. Prevent parents from making apologies to you for your grandchild by not buying luxurious toys.

Age Inappropriate Gifts – Most grandparents make the mistake of thinking their grandchildren can handle any gift whether it is a chess set for a three-year-old or a toolset with the tiniest possible pieces for a one-year-old. Grandparents should always purchase age-appropriate gifts no matter what they think their grandchild can handle.

Gift that Requires Adult Supervision – You may be able to supervise your grandkids while they play with what you have bought. But, what happens when you go home? Parents have busy schedules and are not in a position to watch their kids 100% of the time. So, before you pick up that game that says “adult supervision required”, think again ….

Buying gifts for grandkids is not easy. But, you can avoid a miserable Christmas if you ask the parents about what your grandkids want. They will really appreciate your asking, and you can give your grandchild a gift that will not only make him/her happy but also everyone else.

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