What are Some of the Best Places to Retire?

Best Places to Retire

When you reach retirement age, you may worry about where you should retire to.  These places should be safe with a very low crime rate, should have low taxes, low cost of living, reasonably priced homes with opportunities to stay active, plus have quality health care and good weather etc.  There are a number of states that provide you all of the above and more.  According to Forbes Magazine’s June issue of 2012, there are many places that are suitable for retiring.  Below are some of the best states to retire to.

New Mexico is not only Forbes’ best places to retire; it is also vouched for by us.  This is a state that has many things to offer a retiree.  It is an enchanted state with breathtaking sunsets and fabulous, delicious cuisine. With a low 4.9% income tax rate, fantastic weather, cultural diversity, low crime rate, and high-quality medical care, New Mexico is rated as the Top state for retirement. If you are interested in a life of fun and frolic with many activities and amenities, you should consider a retirement community in New Mexico. One of the best retirement communities in this great state is Del Webb at Mirehaven in Albuquerque. This gated community offers you high desert views, mountain trails and plenty of open space to make the most of your days. Homes are affordable, priced at mid $200’s and you can enjoy your day just relaxing by the pool in the 10,000+ sq. ft. clubhouse.  Life is easy, fun and exciting in New Mexico making it an ideal place to retire.

Georgia is another state that is ideal for you retirees.  It is a state where there is something happening at any time of the year.  So, if you want to stay active and have fun in the process, this is the state to retire to.  You get to experience all that Georgia has to offer if you move into a senior retirement community, that includes favorable weather conditions, low cost of living, favorable tax situation and low prices of homes etc.  Why not consider a home at The Village at Deaton Creek by Del Webb in Hoschton, a beautiful city where you are not far from all that life has to offer you.

You should also not miss considering the Sunshine State of Florida when pondering cities to retire to.  As you know, Florida is all about fun and excitement. There is no state income tax, has excellent weather conditions, average prices of homes range from $150,000 to $175,000 and best of all, a day at Disney World is only to be thought of! If you are interested in a home in Florida, and golf, you should consider Cresswind at PGA Village Verano,  in Port St. Lucie.

There are many more states ideal for retirement in 2019.  These include Texas, Arizona, Oregon, North and South Carolina, and Alabama.  If you need further information about communities in these states, you should visit our website, ActiveAdultLiving.com.  This is a website that offers you a comprehensive look at some of the best active adult communities in America.  We have randomly picked with communities that you may fall in love and decide to relocate to. Check them out on our site and browse for others as well. There are over 5,800 of them detailed with us.

When life moves to retirement age, it is time to enjoy your second youth. You need to turn this new chapter in life with enthusiasm and look forward to an action-packed life, instead of thinking your life has become useless after the kids have vacated home and you have retired from work. So start searching for that perfect Active Adult Living community in one of these best states to retire.

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