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Unforgettable Bike Tour Destinations

June 3, 2022 • Admin

Forget about crowded tour buses, and car rental counters because discovering exciting destinations on two wheels is how active adults are seeing the world. Bike tours are gaining in popularity with boomers who crave the exhilaration of the open road, and the experience of exploring new cities in a way that car travel or walking tours can’t touch. Whether it’s a solo trip or joining a tour group, cycling is a low-impact way to sneak in some cardio and pursue your next adventure. The hardest part? Deciding which bike-friendly city to explore first!


Home to over 800,000 bicycles and a massive network of bike paths, the experience of cycling through Amsterdam is like the Dutch version of the Autobahn. Whether it’s riding through the tulip studded countryside, or touring the city’s iconic landmarks, most locals would agree getting around on a bike is the only way to go. With over a dozen bike tour companies, active adults can pedal their way through Amsterdam’s rich culture with a variety of options from private, and multi-day tours, to parties, and even brewery tours.

Portland, Oregon

Named one of the best cities for biking by Travel Channel, and Bicycling Magazine, Portland is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Cycle Portland is a great resource for finding the perfect tour group, and a listing of rental shops offering everything from road bikes, and eight speeds to electric versions for those with joint issues. Weave in and out of historic downtown areas, coast along the Willamette River, and end the tour at one of Portland’s pub-style breweries for a taste of the Pacific Northwest.

Catalonia, Spain

Frommer’s named Catalonia one of the top 10 places in the world for bike tourism. Miles of Mediterranean coastline, views of the majestic Pyrenees Mountains, and historic medieval villages are a spectacular backdrop for this cycle-friendly destination. Active adults will find customizable tour options to explore Catalonia’s rich culture, history, outdoor festivals, and exquisite dining at one of over 50 Michelin star restaurants. Spain’s incredible weather and hospitable locals make for an idyllic location to experience a year-round European adventure.


Lush wilderness and awe-inspiring views define the wonders of the Last Frontier. Home to Mt. McKinley, Denali National Park, and native wildlife, it’s no surprise Alaska made the list for avid mountain bikers, or to savor a leisurely tour. From Anchorage to Juneau there’s nothing that compares to the thrill of riding through Alaska’s rugged terrain and getting closer to nature than you ever imagined. Take a day trip, or stay overnight, find the bike tour that suits your level of adventure.

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