Tips For Your Healthiest Holiday Yet

Tips For Your Healthiest Holiday Yet

If the holiday season has thrown a wrench in your daily routine, you’re not alone. Never has the term burning daylight been more fitting as we try and fit wellness in between gift shopping, spending time with family, and attending social engagements. Making your health a priority this time of year sounds easier said than done, but putting your best foot forward means putting yourself first. Nowadays healthy living is associated with fancy tonics, trendy superfoods, and endless spin classes, but creating realistic health goals you’ll WANT to stick with can be simple to do with these everyday tips.

Practice Good Hydration
Just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean we still don’t require ample amounts of water. Between running the heater, and day to day exertion, it’s easy to become dehydrated even during winter. The recommended 8-10 glasses is ideal, but other ways to boost your fluid intake can include brothy soups, fresh fruits, and herbal teas.

Improve Indoor Air Quality
During the winter months, the air in our homes can become stagnant as we’re not opening the windows as often to air things out. Pet dander and dust can linger making changing out air filters, and regular dusting a necessity. For a deeper clean, it’s not a bad idea to invest in an air purifier to help pull airborne pollutants, and allergens out of your environment.

Get Moving
While sub-zero temps don’t exactly inspire early morning runs, getting out as much as you can to move your body is important for cardiovascular health, and maintaining a healthy weight. From popping in a workout DVD to taking a yoga class, there are so many options available for staying active indoors when you don’t feel like braving the cold.

Eat Your Colors
Eating the rainbow is a tried and true wellness ritual. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables contain powerful immune-boosting antioxidants which are winter necessities during cold, and flu season. While you enjoy your holiday cookies, and decadent entrees, balance them out with plenty of fresh produce, and lean protein for the energy boost you’ll need to delight in all the festivities.

Live well, and feel your best this holiday season. Prioritizing self-care is essential to healthy aging, and giving yourself the motivation to transition into the coming year with renewed vigor, and boundless energy.

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