This Extreme Sport Takes Boomers to New Heights

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The term “second youth” is more than just a buzzword that defines the baby boomer generation. These go-getters have spent decades planning for what they’d consider the best years of their lives, and there’s no limit to what they’re dreaming up. Reinventing their parent’s retirement is what they do best, and today’s boomers are taking on everything from advanced degrees to skydiving? Yes, hardcore sports may not be for the faint of heart, but older adults are proving that the sky’s the limit.

If making the leap into the wild blue yonder with a parachute in tow sounds a bit too extreme, companies like SkyVenture Arizona are taking the adventure inside.  For anyone wanting to learn, or craving the adrenaline boost without braving the real thing, indoor skydiving venues are a fantastic way to experience this type of extreme sport while in a controlled environment. Whether someone is a first-timer or an experienced flyer, places like SkyVenture cater to all levels of expertise offering specialized coaching from basic maneuvers to advanced aerial skills.

Indoor skydiving is an exciting activity that’s, even more, fun with a group. Flight gear and equipment are provided, and the experience is always supervised by trained instructors. A weightless thrill without jumping from a plane is what makes indoor skydiving such a great option, and more often than not it’s love at first flight.  The simulated environment allows participants to practice their skills, and become more creative with their moves.  From backflips to fancy dance routines, people of all ages can channel their inner superhero.

SkyVenture is located in Eloy, Arizona, and anyone with the desire to take their skydiving to the next level has ample blue skies to do so. Arizona is home to several companies including Red Rock Sky Diving, and SkyDive Arizona, ready to train those adrenaline junkies wanting to get out into the open.  Baby boomers are doing what they’ve waited a lifetime to experience, and their to-do lists are far more than taking a leisurely cruise.  Sports like skydiving are challenging the idea that getting older means slowing down, and this generation doesn’t plan to do that anytime soon.

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