There’s Nothing Quite Like a Grandparent’s Love

My grandparents were in many ways, my parents. Some of my earliest memories were the times I spent with them traveling anywhere, and everywhere, drinking warm milk which I secretly loathed, and the endless cookie tin that seemed to magically refill itself upon my arrival. Rumor has it my first steps were taken in their company, and when my little sister had a birthday, they indulged my poor sport attitude by gifting me with “un” birthday presents. Now if that isn’t spoiled brat I’m not sure what is! Then there was the time my 3-4-year-old self accidentally locked my poor grandmother out of her motorhome.. I will never live that one down.

While I’m not a parent myself, I’ve always thought that seeing one’s babies having babies of their own must be a surreal experience, and one that comes with endless cuddles, and treats because after you’ve sugared them up you give them back to mom and dad right? Most of us associate our grandparents with cozy holidays, bottomless hot chocolate, and forgiveness of our most mischievous antics. Becoming a grandparent is sharing traditions with the next generation, and enriching the relationship you have with your own children.

As Grandparents Day draws closer, my thoughts are with those who have raised grandchildren in the absence of their parents. Becoming a parent for the second time takes diligence, courage, and heart. These amazing individuals have given up their retirement dreams to build a legacy for some very blessed little boys and girls.

Whether you’re parenting, or grand-parenting, I can say from experience that the lessons you instill in your grandchildren will be with them for life. If you ever think they’re not hearing you, I will attest to carrying these wise words with me wherever I go. “A trouble shared is a trouble halved” has and always will be the phrase I turn to when things get tough, and yes, I still keep a cookie tin, and no, warm milk will never be a thing.

How will you celebrate Grandparent’s Day?

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