The Perks of Being Over 55

Many baby boomers who have reached retirement age may be lamenting the fact that they have nothing to look forward to. This is because they are uninformed about the many perks they have once they reach 55. For example, many 55+ seniors do not take advantage of the discounts available to them. This is not something you should feel embarrassed about. This is something you have right to. So, take advantage of your 55+ perks. Here are some discounts you can avail yourself of.

  • Dining Discounts – Many restaurants offer discounts for a senior. These can be for breakfast, brunch or dinner or even brunch. They offer discount days or discounts on certain foods etc. Others may have separate special menus for seniors at discounted prices featuring healthy food options.
  • Entertainment Discounts – Seniors get various discounts at museums, movies, golf courses, bowling alleys and a number of other sources of entertainment. You can obtain information by calling the places of your choice or checking for special deals online. You can also call your senior resource center and obtain a list of places that offer different senior rates. Special discounts are also available on cruises and casinos.
  • Grocery and Other Retail Discounts –Many grocery stores in your neighborhood may have scheduled discount days. On these days you can expect to get 10% or 20% on various items. Some malls offer additional discounts for seniors at discounted prices. Make sure you don’t miss these opportunities when you go shopping.
  • Discounts on Airlines – Many major airlines of senior discounts. However, very few actually advertise this fact. This means you have to call the airline and find out about their offers. In addition to airfare, you can also take advantage of your age by requesting assistance with heavy baggage or catch a ride in a motorized cart or boarding the aircraft first.
  • Continuing Education Discounts –Many colleges and universities offer free or discounted continuing education courses for 55+ seniors. You can take advantage of this fact and obtain your degree if you could not do it before.
  • As is clear, there are many perks to being 55+. So, stop feeling down and pick up your life and make the best of the perks available to you. Who says life ends at 50? Life begins at 55 and it gets better every day.

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