The Importance of Proper Walking Shoes for Seniors

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Very few of us consider the importance of proper exercise gear.  Proper exercise gear is necessary to ensure a safe and effective routine.  Most often, many people assume that since walking is a low-impact exercise, they do not need to pay attention to their shoes as a runner would but this can be a disastrous move.  Therefore, if you are an active adult who likes to keep physically fit by walking daily, you should invest in a proper pair of walking shoes.

The Importance of Proper Walking Shoes

Walking shoes provide basic protection and support for your feet.  This, in turn, supports your knees and the entire body.  Any imbalance in your feet, no matter how minute, causes changes throughout your body.  For example, if you walk differently because of the structure of your shoes, the body counterbalances this problem by redistributing the weight.  This changes the alignment and posture of your spine and this can lead to muscle strains and pain.  Improper walking shoes can also cause minor wear and tear on your body that can lead to long-term repercussions.

How to Select Proper Walking Shoes

There are several factors to consider when you buy a pair of shoes.  Paying attention to these factors can help you avoid injury and discomfort.  Always obtain the advice of a professional when purchasing your shoes.

  • Consider shoes with firm heels and wide toe boxes that do not cramp your toes.
  • Always consider shoes with breathing space and removable inner soles.
  • Never buy shoes in the morning as your feet swell slightly in the morning.  If you buy shoes in the morning, you will find that by the afternoon your shoes are too big for you.
  • Make sure you are comfortable in your shoes.
  • Never buy shoes too small for your feet and hope it will stretch.
  • Make sure there is a space of a thumb-length towards the end of the shoe.
  • Always break your shoes in on carpeted flooring before using them outside.

Proper Terrain for Walking

What is the terrain you walk in?  Is it uneven?  Is the asphalt broken in some areas?  This can be extremely dangerous to your health.  However, if you are living in an active adult community, you would likely be walking on trails or specially made pathways.  These pathways or trails are well-maintained and built with you and your comfort and safety in mind.  With the proper shoes and the proper walking trail, you can greatly minimize your risk of injury.   Some of the communities below are equipped with walking trails for your safety.  Therefore, you are safe from injury, if you wear proper walking shoes when walking on these trails.

Many active adult communities also have well-equipped, well-maintained gymnasiums where you can use your new walking shoes on the treadmills.  If you are interested in a community where an active lifestyle is one of your main requirements, visit  This website promises that you will find a community where you will be able to break in your walking shoes and use them well.

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