The City on Everyone’s “Best Of” List – Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho

Idaho’s capital city of Boise is like that overachiever you knew in high school blessed with effortless style, a perfect 4.0, and athletic prowess. Nicknamed the City of Trees, this effervescent town has been named one of the best cities in the country for education, healthy living, and rated the best retirement city by Time Magazine, and Forbes. While Boise is at the top of its class in virtually every category, it’s the city’s positive energy, and notoriously friendly population that retirees, and boomers find so magnetic. From Boise’s limitless outdoor playground, to its strong, thriving economy this is a dynamic city made for today’s ageless baby boomers.

Boise in an intellectual prodigy home to major companies including Micron Technology, and Boise Cascade, as well as institutions like Boise State University where the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute invites older adults to sharpen their pencils, and dive back into academia. From entrepreneurial ventures, to earning an advanced degree, Boise is a well educated, technology driven city geared towards business minded active adults whether they’re looking to launch an encore career, or learn a second language.

The people in this city do a great job of balancing work, and play, but with majestic mountains hovering in the backdrop, and Boise’s 25 mile Greenbelt running through downtown, this kind of natural paradise is best suited for play. Retirees with a love for the outdoors may as well keep a pair of hiking boots, and a paddle in the trunk because everyday is the perfect day for a kayaking adventure, or exploring the Boise Foothills on foot. Walkability is a city trademark, but watch your step, because getting around on two wheels is major business. From the Boise GreenBike bike share, and rental programs, to the list of bike clubs, and city tours, the preferred mode of transportation around here is fresh air, bare pavement, and the open road.

Boise has seen an influx of out of state boomers seeking an affordable town that offers the quality of life they don’t often find anyplace else. The city is known for being economically prosperous, providing outstanding healthcare, and maintaining small town integrity amidst vigorous urban growth. Safety, family friendliness, and environmental consciousness make this Northwest destination the perfect place for active adults to settle down without slowing down. When they’re not off mountain climbing or skiing, retirees will enjoy being within walking distance to fantastic restaurants, shopping, outdoor markets, and entertainment. While most attribute Idaho with the humble potato, there’s nothing ordinary about the vibrant, on-the-go mentality Boise residents are used to.

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