Talking About The Good Old Days

happy seniors talking about the good old days

Having Friends to Talk About the Good Old Days is Therapeutic and Enjoyable

Talking about good old days is a popular and pleasing pastime, especially when you get older. People usually begin talking about good old days when they are middle-aged. If you have had good old days you re-live them by telling others. Of course, you should be able to remember and recollect those happy moments you spent together with your family, friends loved ones and the places you visited. To keep yourself and your audience happy, and not to hurt the feelings of others, it may be necessary to edit the true happenings. Talking about the good old days is an art that you should learn. It is not only a pleasurable thing to do but also therapeutic. This is because keeping engaged in social interactions is vital for senior years to ensure good mental health and wellbeing.

Art of Engaging in Good Old Days Chats…

Learn the art of talking about good old days, and you will never become a bore even among younger crowds. Selecting an interesting topic appropriate to the gathering and the mood is most important. If it is something that you have experienced yourself, there are limitations for editing and twisting. To avoid becoming a bragger you may have to change the main character in your story. If the story you are going to tell embarrasses you then also you have to replace yourself with some imaginary friend. Younger people sometimes love to hear things from the past, how things were in those days. That’s why we all loved listening to stories from grandma or grandpa.

A Place for Social Interactions

There are places that provide “just that” atmosphere and the venue to enjoy talking about good old times. If there is an old friend from the past, one who was with you in the high school, college, the army or your old workplace – the stories you recollect may be old friends, your teachers or funny incidents. Over a drink on a summer evening or cup of hot tea or coffee is the perfect setting. If you live in a gated community exclusive for the 55+ you’ll have lots of friends with whom you can share these old tidbits. You can also invite the old friends who live outside and can entertain them at the clubhouse. They too may just fall in love with your active adult community and decide to join your neighborhood!

Finding Your Perfect Empty Nesting Place

You’ll be surprised to know that there are more than 6,000 gated communities that cater for a retired life, across all the states of US. a comprehensive database that maintains listings of over 8,900 such communities will be an ideal place to locate a good community of your choice. These communities may be known in different names such as active adult communities, 55+ communities, or retirement communities. With all the amenities designed for the comforts and conveniences just suitable for the seniors like single storied houses with small easily maintained lots with paved walkways, they are the perfect places for the seniors to spend their retired life putting aside all the worries about security and burdens like mowing lawns, cleaning a large garden or maintaining a big house.

As an example there are numerous active adult communities across the USA that you can choose to live in, such as the ones below:

Almost all communities boast of several clubs offering social events, travel, and other special interests.  Depending on your preferred lifestyle, golf courses, waterfront living, hiking, and cycling opportunities and pool facilities are a part and parcel of these communities.  There are various social events, gatherings and fun time activities to make things exciting too.  Most of the active adult living communities have these facilities as standard features while some have a lot more to offer as well.  So, check out a suitable community where you can settle down, make friends and have happy hours where chatter on good old days can be a joy!


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