Take a Bold Leap Into 2018

From trying a new diet to getting a handle on the clutter in our lives, the New Year has everyone ready to cross the 2017 finish line with a fresh perspective. Whether the goals we set are in the major-leagues like making the decision to retire abroad, or it’s taking baby steps towards living a healthier lifestyle, planning for the coming year is an exciting time of self-reflection and renewed motivation. What does a new start mean to you? A new career, or dream home in your favorite city? From being newly retired to becoming an empty nester, think of 2018 as your chance to aim higher than ever, and explore these go-getter resolutions that don’t involve a juice cleanse.

Make a New Move
Does your habitat match your lifestyle? Maybe you’re living in the big city, but feel in your element when surrounded by nature, or alternatively crave urban energy but live the country life. The beginning of the year is an ideal time to assess your current situation and decide if a new hometown could give you the boost you need. If you’re an avid skier or hiking devotee, destinations like Colorado and Oregon are havens for outdoor enthusiasts, whereas metro hot spots like Manhattan and Boston cater to lovers of all things culture, entertainment, and nightlife. Decide which activities speak to you, and discover that perfect place to start your next chapter.

Embrace Lifelong Learning
If you’ve ever considered heading back to class, there’s no better time than the present. Programs like the Bernard Osher Foundation offer higher education to students 50+ with several prestigious locations to choose from including UC Berkeley, and Vanderbilt University offering an exciting schedule of courses. The proof is in the research when it comes to hitting the books later in life. According to Psychology Today, continually challenging the mind particularly for older adults can improve self-image, provide social enrichment, and may reduce cognitive degeneration. Grasping a new skill set like learning a foreign language is something you can take with you anywhere whether you plan to travel the world or venture into opening your own business.

Establish a Savings Plan
Setting aside money for unexpected expenses, a rainy day, or a big vacation is an economic priority. A Bankrate survey revealed that 32 percent of baby boomers did not have money set aside for emergencies, and with cost of living on the rise we can’t afford not to be planning ahead. Evaluate your budget, and prioritize expenses to decide what can be stashed away in a savings account. While you might wonder where you’ll have room to cut corners, expenditures like your morning java run, or magazine subscriptions could be a healthy contribution to your nest egg. In a perfect world, saving 3-5 months of your house payment is ideal, but every dollar you’re able to put away is another step to a more secure future.

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