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Technology gadgets for seniors

Technology Gadgets for Seniors

Seniors are quite tech-savvy these days. Give them an Ipad and they know exactly what to do with it. More than 80% of seniors know how to use the internet. If you are not one of these seniors, it’s time you got with the program.

Here are a few technology gadgets you really need in your life.

  • Desktop/Laptop Computer – A desktop computer is a good thing to have if you are working from home. Many retirees use desktop computers for working, ordering medications, and, sometimes, shopping. Although desktop computers may be replaced with laptops, it is still familiar to seniors, and many prefer using desktop computers to laptops.
  • Cell Phone – If you don’t have one of these by now, you are so late with technology. A cell phone is vital anywhere you go. Having a cell phone with you at all times is excellent especially in an emergency. Although a majority of seniors own a cell phone of one type or other, many still are not comfortable with one.
  • E-Reader – This may not be a popular method of reading for many seniors, but it is one that is catching up fast. Although many seniors prefer the old-school method of reading, quite a number of seniors can be seen reading books in digital format too.
  • Social Networking Sites – Most active adults are quite familiar with Facebook and MySpace and other social networking sites. Although this too, was approached with wariness, more and more seniors are now getting pretty active on social networking sites, and loving every minute of it!
  • Broadband Connection – The internet use of seniors has grown exponentially over the years. Although this was a rare sight, in the beginning, it is now not uncommon to see a senior, over the age of 65, clacking away at the computer and using Google to find information.
  • Email Account – Gone are the days of letter writing. Say hello to email. Every American has an email account including over 55 seniors. Although you may be a bit reluctant to open an email account, you are sure to enjoy its benefits once you become familiar with it.

Although you may be wary of all these technology gadgets, it is time you faced the fact that you live in a digital age. So, become a tech-savvy senior and give your kids and grandkids a run for their money.

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