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What is Osteoporosis?

Why 55+ Ladies Need to Worry About Osteoporosis

All women of a certain age go through menopause.  This brings their biological capabilities of childbearing to an end and in some senses, newfound freedom to their lives.  While it is all good on one front to reach this stage in life, menopause also raises the risk of so many illnesses that include osteoporosis.  Bones become brittle and weak when osteoporosis occurs.  The risk of osteoporosis is extremely high in women who go through menopause.  This is because, with menopause, the estrogen production in the body slows down.  It is Estrogen in our body that prevents the bones from becoming brittle and weak.  While it is not possible to stop menopause or the dwindling of estrogen production, you can prevent the onset of osteoporosis in other ways.

Will Living in a Cruise Ship After Retiring be a Great Choice?

Many active adults have specific plans about where they want to retire. Some like to retire to the country, where there is absolute peace and quiet while others like to stay in urban areas. Some seniors retire to states where the climate is sunny all year while others prefer to retire to cooler areas. Then, there are others who like to retire close to the water and others who retire on the water! Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be because there is an option to retire to a cruise ship.

There are a number of cruise ships that have been converted into senior retirement communities. This means, if you are interested, you could purchase a stateroom on the cruise ship and spend your retirement days, living on a cruise! Purchasing a stateroom aboard a cruise ship entitles you to become a part owner of the cruise ship. The prices of cruise ship homes vary according to each vessel and may require the payment of a monthly maintenance fee. This fee entitles all “residents” to meals, housekeeping and all amenities and facilities provided.

Four Reasons Why Moving to an Active Adult Community is a Good Idea this New Year

It is the dawn of a new year, and why not make some fun and exciting changes to go with it? There are various things you could do to make your life more enjoyable and fun this year. Moving to an active adult community is high on the list. Yes, it is true! Let us give you four reasons why you should.

Trilogy at Redmond Ridge; One of the Best Active Retirement Communities in USA

55+ seniors retiring in Washington can consider one of the best active retirement communities in the area, Trilogy at Redmond Ridge. This retirement community is located just minutes outside Seattle between the Cascade Mountain Range and Puget Sound. This is a resort-style community where you get the choice of enjoying the beauty of a tranquil setting and the conveniences of modern amenities. Let’s take a closer look at this excellent 55+ retirement community….

Consider the Color of your Home when Painting and Decorating

A new home requires so much work. One of the most important factors to consider, in your new home, is its color and art. Some people prefer coloring every room in their home in a different color, while others stick to the same throughout. Whichever method you prefer is your choice, but did you know the color of your home can make a significant difference to your mood?

Homes Under 150K

Some seniors, even when they are aware of the benefits of living in an Active Adult community, may not think it is viable financially.  When depending on a pension, the cost of relocating to an active adult community might seem a farfetched luxury.  When the budget in hand is not large, the sacrifices you need to make in terms of expected facilities and amenities in a home becomes high.  Yet, when you are in your 55+ phase, you need certain amenities and features, irrespective of pricing.  This is why it may not be so easy finding the right home to suit your requirements, at a low budget.  However, the good news is that it may  just be possible for you as there are several active adult communities with homes priced under $150,000 that are built with the active adult in mind.  These homes are equipped with facilities that make it worthwhile relocating.  Take a look at some of the communities that offer homes that are available to you at highly affordable price tags.