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Healthy Senior Lifestyle

Why Senior Males Should not Ignore BPH Symptoms

Illnesses are common with the aging process. Both men and women can expect their share of various illnesses. These include arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, strokes, etc. Some diseases affect women more than men and vice versa. However, one problem that women are exempted from, and affects mostly elderly gentlemen quite often, is benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH.

The Importance of Companionship for Seniors

Retirement should be a happy time. It should be a time of enjoying everything you ever wanted to do without the stress of work. It is a time to visit family and friends and have family and friends visit us. Yet, this does not happen to many seniors. Unfortunately, many seniors face a lonely life after retirement. This can lead to various health problems.

Health Benefits of Parsley

8 Health Benefits of Parsley

Who would have thought that a sprig of parsley can be packed with so many benefits! Yes, it is true. So, if you are into cooking, you would use parsley to bring about these benefits to your dish. It is good to know that parsley adds much more than color to your plate. Parsley has been around for more than 2000 years and boasts of some great health benefits. So, the next time you decide to garnish a dish with parsley, remember its health benefits.

Focus on New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a State definitely worth a second look if you are now considering all of the possible States to start your new life at 55+.  Now that your kids have gone off on their own, you will find that a new chapter has dawned in your life.  With retirement, you will definitely feel the difference between an Empty Nesters way of life vs. what it used to be before.  This is why it will certainly be the right time to explore a new State and settle down in a place that will let you pursue now the things you love to do ….but never had the time to do before.  New Hampshire, also known as the “Granite State”, is located in the northeastern part of the United States.  Moving to New Hampshire could be an exhilarating and thrilling experience for you.  Let us tell you why.

Downtown Cleveland Ohio

Focus on Ohio

Are you close to retiring or of retiring age and interested in moving to a State, such as Ohio?  If so, you should know that you are considering moving to the state that has produced many famous characters, such as, Neil Armstrong, Paul Newman, and Stephen Spielberg.  Not only this, if you were to move to Ohio you will be able to experience all the great things that Ohio has to offer its visitors and residents alike.  Let’s take a look at some of the things that will make Ohio THE state to live in.

Why Let Go of Your Crowning Glory After 55?

As we age, our crowning glory, our hair becomes weaker and thinner. Although we exercise and eat well to keep those bumps and lumps away and indulge ourselves in skincare regimes to keep those ever-increasing wrinkles away, we do very little to maintain our aging hair. As we get older the growth cycle of our hair changes. The growth rate slows down considerably. We experience hair and color loss. To combat this, we do perms and color our hair, the result being that it further weakens our hair unless we follow a proper hair care regime.  

Buying a Home

Things to Consider when Looking for a Home

Empty nesters may find their old homes too large or empty after their children have left their nests.  Folks often consider moving to a smaller home where they can enjoy the good life.  Many senior retirement communities offer a variety of styles of homes for your consideration.  These homes may feature two or three bedrooms, dens, separate living and dining areas or an open plan ‘great room’ concept, and two or three-car garages, etc.  However, your final choice may well depend on your budget and the expectations you have in our mind with regards to how you wish to live your 55+ lifestyle.  Here are some essential factors to consider before making your choice.

Location, Location, Location

Where would you like to live?  This is an important question.  Many baby boomers prefer to move to an area where they will be in proximity to existing friends and neighbors.  This means you have to select a community close to your neighborhood.  However, if you are not really interested in staying in touch, the sky is the limit.  Then, where do you wish to go?  What State?  Do you wish to live in sunny California in a community such as Barcelona by Shea Homes in Brentwood, where the sun shines nearly every day of the year, or Alaska’s Mountain Rose Estates, Palmer, where you could have snow for much of the year?  This is the first step to take before going any further in your investigations of an active adult community.


The next item on your agenda is your budget.  How much is too much for a home in a retirement community?  This depends on how much you are willing to spend to ensure a life of leisure and excitement.  Most communities you will find online are reasonably priced unless, of course, they are luxury communities.  However, luxury communities, such as Regency at Dominion Valley by Toll Brothers in Haymarket, VA, do have their comforts that make it all worthwhile.  But, you are in luck, as you may be able to find communities that sell homes, such as Trilogy at Redmond Ridge – Redmond, WA, where the starting price is just $150,000.

Requirements and Needs

You should not move into a community just because the price is right.  You should always consider a community where you get what you want.  Are you interested in playing golf?  If this is so, you should consider communities such as Trilogy at Verde River by Shea Homes in Rio Verde, AZ, Trilogy at Redmond Ridge in Redmond, WA, or Heather Gardens in Aurora, CO.  What type of adult community are you looking for?  Is it a resort-style community, waterfront community, or mountain community?  Should it be in proximity to doctors’ offices, a hospital, grocery store, pharmacy, etc.?  Once you consider these requirements and needs, you will be able to find a community that suits you.

There is nothing like an active adult community to spend your retirement years.  Each active adult community caters to a set of differentiated needs of 55+ active adults.  You will find fitness centers, pools, tennis courts, billiards, games, card rooms, and libraries in and around the clubhouses of these communities so that you never have to spend a dull day at home.

Many more active adult communities are available for your consideration through our website ActiveAdultLiving.com.  Visit our website to look at details on more than 8,500 communities and select the community that best fits your requirements.  We are sure you will find many that will accommodate your preferences.

Increase the Fiber Intake to Avoid Colon Related Issues

As we age, various parts of our bodies start shutting down or slowing down. Out of all common age-related ailments, the most troublesome issue is constipation. Research shows that the average Americans spend more than $700 million on laxatives. Infrequent bowel movements become more and more problematic as you age. What’s worse is that constant straining can stress out your bowel and colon that can lead to various serious problems.