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Isolation during Senior Years, Can Cause Depression

Once your children have left your home and gone on to pursue their own dreams, goals, and different lives, you may well experience a myriad of emotions. You may feel sadness, loneliness, anxiousness and above all, a sense of isolation. You may not have anyone to talk to or listen to your problems.  You may not know of anyone who is going through the same “rough patch” as you.  Research has shown that many seniors who find their home empty, once their children leave it, can become extremely depressed. Isolation is a major risk factor for the onset of major depression.

Active Adult Community Rentals to Give You a Taste of Fabulous Senior Living

What can be better than the opportunity to live with the least amount of burdens such as home maintenance and lead an enjoyable social life with likeminded people of your own age? Oh, we must not forget to add to this equation the action-packed active adult activities targeted towards the 55+ age group. If you are wondering WHAT in the world are we talking about here, this lifestyle is exactly what senior communities are all about.

Maintenance Free Communities for 55plus active adult retirees & seniors

Why Do Many Baby Boomers Consider Maintenance-Free Living?

The American Dream is no longer home with a white picket fence, a yard, 2.5 kids and a golden retriever.  Things have changed dramatically in the last decade or so.  Now, more and more Americans are considering a home where there is no lawn to be mowed, fence to be painted and no walking the dog or shuttling kids to school.  Dog walkers and car-poolers may solve the last two problems, but not others.  This is because most Americans do not have the time for or the inclination to take on these tasks anymore.  Active lifestyles of empty nesters, baby boomers and seniors make them want to get the best out of their free time and maintaining gardens and homes is certainly not a fun-filled task! This is especially so if you are in the 55+ age group where home maintenance is certainly more of a chore than a joy. We find many baby boomers considering low maintenance or maintenance-free homes when moving into active adult communities for those very valid reasons.

Retire to Rhode Island and Experience All That the First State has to Offer

If you are an empty nester, looking for a place to settle down now that your responsibilities are over, and you no longer need to be based where your work is, you should consider Rhode Island as a place of retirement. Rhode Island is in the New England region and is an ideal place for 55+ active adults looking for adult living communities. You will find 20% of the country’s landmarks and 400 miles of coastline here. All types of watersports, such as boating, sailing, fishing, etc. are yours and there to be enjoyed if you purchase a home in an Active Adult Community in Rhode Island.

Maintenance-free living

Advantages of Maintenance-Free Living

Imagine a life where you don’t have to do anything but enjoy the best years of your life. Life should not be full of worries about the maintenance of your home and shoveling snow. If you move into a maintenance-free active adult community, you will have hours in your day to do what you always wanted to do. Here are some advantages of maintenance-free living.

Why is North Woods of Colchester in Connecticut the Most Desired Active Adult Community?

Located in the beautiful woodland of Southeastern Connecticut, 25 miles east of Hartford, is an active adult community that many active seniors consider to be one of the top retirement communities in Connecticut. It is no wonder this community is so much in demand as it has won multiple 2011 – 2012 design awards. What is the community we are talking about? It is none other than North Woods of Colchester in Colchester, Connecticut.

55+ Seniors Enjoy Living in a Maintenance-Free Community – Courtyards at Pepper Creek

Retirement is all about taking pleasure in the simpler things in life. This does not mean yard work, shoveling snow, and upkeep of the exterior of your home. Retirement means you, finally, get to enjoy what you were dreaming of all the time. Life in a 55+ active adult community ensures you a life where all you have to do is sit back and watch the days go by. If you were looking for a maintenance-free 55+ senior community, you should not miss out on the Courtyards at Pepper Creek in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Colonial Estates, West Virginia – A Maintenance-Free Community Set in Breath-taking Surroundings

If you have always wanted to live surrounded by majestic mountains and lush greenery, there is no better place than Colonial Estates, West Virginia. Located approximately 7 miles off Exit 99, if travelling from I-79, this community offers active adults just what they are looking for in retirement. If you wish to be one of the lucky ones who get to live in this community, you should visit Colonial Estates today. Here’s a little info about the community.