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The Truth About Antioxidants for Aging Well

We are all aware of the benefits of antioxidants. These are substances that help the body defend itself against free radicals. Free radicals cause various diseases. Many experts believe antioxidants prevent atherosclerosis – hardening of the arteries, cancer, and arthritis. Antioxidants increase immunity, which prevents free radicals from causing colds, flu, and various other infections. This connection between antioxidants and aging is a new discovery and awareness levels on these anti-aging properties of antioxidants are still at a low level.

Pickleball and How it Took Over Retirement Living

Many active adult communities are geared towards providing 55+ and over seniors the ability to enjoy their retirement life with various activities. These communities provide seniors various outdoor amenities that include tennis, swimming, bocce ball, golf and pickleball. If you are new to the retirement world, you would be wondering about “pickleball”. What exactly is this game? Well, stick around and we will tell you.

Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Prioritizing Muscular Health for an Active Senior Life

Can you Stand up with no Hands?

Have you needed help getting up off the floor or chair once you have sat on it? This is a warning to many seniors that they may not be as healthy as they think. If you cannot get up off the floor without using your hands for support or without the help of your grandchildren, studies show that you could be heading for an early grave. Worried? Well, read on and find some informative information we gleaned from recent medical research.

5 Money Saving Tips for Christmas

Christmas is the worst time of the year for your finances. There are so many gifts to buy and people to visit. So many meals to organize and people to entertain. No matter how you plan it, December is a time when you spend the most amount of money. This is an unavoidable fact. If you missed your chance at shopping on Black Friday, here are some money saving tips that you can try out this Christmas.

Mental Activities for Seniors

Everyone looks forward to that day when they can relax and enjoy their days peacefully. However, for seniors, too much relaxation is not a good thing. This means the brain is unchallenged, and this can end up in the loss of brain function. Therefore, they need to keep their brains active by engaging in various mental activities.

10 Best Places to Downsize in Retirement

The reduction of living costs becomes a factor once you retire. Now that you are living on a fixed income, you need to be more aware about what you spend your money on. This is the time when you should consider downsizing your home for your retirement. You should look for places with below-average housing costs and a low cost of living. However, you also need to take in to account that it should be a place where you have the amenities necessary for a fun and active lifestyle. Here are ten places to consider downsizing to for your retirement.

End of Summer Heralds Labor Day Sales!

The Labor Day weekend heralds the end of summer. Sadly it’s time to put away your swimsuits and sunscreens and think about dusting off your sweaters and gloves. However, the end of summer also brings something to look forward to… get into shopping mode as end-of-season sales are here! This is when the shops and designer stores drastically reduce their summer stock in readiness for autumn. Not just fashions but also patio furniture or last minute travel deals, now is the time to save.

Easy and Tasty Labor Day Weekend Barbeque Ideas

This is it… this weekend proclaims the official end of summer. It is time to put away the bikinis and board shorts and sunscreen and pull out coats, scarves and hats. The Labor Day weekend is almost upon us, and if you have decided on a barbeque to celebrate the end of the summer, here are a few ideas for a tasty Labor Day weekend barbeque.