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Isolation during Senior Years, Can Cause Depression

Once your children have left your home and gone on to pursue their own dreams, goals, and different lives, you may well experience a myriad of emotions. You may feel sadness, loneliness, anxiousness and above all, a sense of isolation. You may not have anyone to talk to or listen to your problems.  You may not know of anyone who is going through the same “rough patch” as you.  Research has shown that many seniors who find their home empty, once their children leave it, can become extremely depressed. Isolation is a major risk factor for the onset of major depression.

The Four Seasons at Beaumont – An Excellent Maintenance-Free Rental Community

Many of you, 55+ active seniors, may not wish to spend your nest-egg investing in a home. Although many would say it is an unwise move, rest assured, it is not. What you wish to do with your life is now up to you. If you wish to live in an RV, you can do so. If you wish to live in a luxurious community, this too is your choice. As an Empty Nester, with your children grown up and independent, you are no longer saddled by responsibilities. So, if you wish to rent instead of purchase a home, good for you! If you live in southern California, try visiting the Four Seasons at Beaumont by K Hovnanians in Beaumont when considering renting a home.

Oakmont Village California- A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth

California and its sunny climate is an ideal destination for those who love the sun, fun, beach and the carefree times that beach living offers. The warm weather, the sandy beaches, and the beautiful, year-round greenery draws many people to reside in this place. California is a state that has something for everyone and that goes for 55+ active adult citizens aswell. If you areconsidering a place to settle down and enjoy life, consider one of the many Active Adult communities in the Golden state. This is a place where you leave behind your old life and look forward to an exciting, new adventure, where you can make new friends.

Choosing a Good Active Adult Community

There are a number of Active Adult communities that you can choose from if you are considering California to put down your roots. These communities provide you with many amenities and facilities to ensure that your days are brimming with activities.The sizes of such communities range from a hundred homes to more than a thousand.  The community you select will depend on your personal likes and dislikes. However, many Active Adult communities provide you with almost similar amenities and facilities that can make the selection process a challenge. The process can become easier if you use a portal such as ActiveAdultLiving.com where over 5,600 listed communities are categorized by state, lifestyle, type of homes, price range etc. With a few search queries, you can easily identify the most suited communities to match your requirements.

What’s Great About Oakmont Village California

Oakmont Village is asenior livingcommunity that boasts of all things splendid. You only need to look out of the window of any number of homes to be drawn in to this community. The view is spectacular,and you will be held breathless by the wonder of the rolling greenery of the golf courses, vineyards and wineries and the view from Sonoma’s Valley of the Moon.Here, you will find over 4,500 active adult residents aged 55 and better, living in more than 3,000 single-family and attached homes. You will be able to select from cozy cottages to beautiful hillside villas ranging from 900 square feet to 2,600 square feet that will appeal to you according to you requirements and budget. Homes begin from $175,000 to $650,000, and you will be able to select the one that suits you the best.  This is not only aworthwhile investment in terms of the quality of life you are assured of, but also in terms of real estate value.

Activities to Fill Your Day

Buying a home in this community enables you to enjoy group activities, an array of amenities, as well as the peaceful serenity of the community. There are three recreational centres for the active adult to choose from, and over 125+ clubs and organizations that you can take part in. These clubs are formed and operated to give you ample opportunities to take part in activities that appeal to you and also to meet other residents who have similar interests. Such interactions will bring you close to many other active adults and help you form wonderful friendships. There is a wide range of health-related activities for the active adult. For example, if you are interested in hiking, walking or riding your bicycle, you can consider doing this at Annadel State Park which consists of 5,000 acres of undisturbed, wooded area ideal for this purpose. A day at the beach is another option as this community is in proximity to the Sonoma Coast where you will be able to walk, ride your bikes or sit back and take in the sunny day and enjoy a feast from any of the shore-front restaurants. If you like nothing better than pampering yourself – and it is time you considered this, you can visit a number of spas around Sonoma that will indulge and spoil your senses for an entire day!

A Round of Golf Perhaps?

Golfing is a past-time that many Oakmont Village 55+ seniors take part in. If you are interested, there are two golf courses that you can select from that are within close proximity to the community. The courses are beautifully dotted with heritage oak trees and provide you with many scenic obstacle courses. Here, you can enjoy some local wildlife, such as, Canadian geese and Mallard ducks while teeing off. The residents of Oakmont receive special pricesand discounts for their golf course and membership fees.

Oakmont Village California is an ideal destination for the Active Adults who want to enjoy their lives to the fullest. With its friendly neighbours and active life, you are guaranteed of a care free life that brings a new meaning to senior living.

California has a host of active adult communities and here are some other options to check out as well.

For more information on Active Adult Communities, visit the number one national directory of active adult communities at Active Adult Living.com where you will find over 5,600 communities detailed.  If you wish for a golf community, simply search the site by that lifestyle. If you wish to live in a specific state, you may search by the state or city. The user-friendly AAL site will make your task of selecting an ideal community enjoyable and leave you well informed.