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Kensington Station at Woodbury Junction offers you a Home in an Ideal Setting

Looking for a home that provides you a feeling of belonging even before you move in? Then, you should take a closer look at the homes at Kensington Station at Woodbury Junction, Central Valley, New York. This is a community of friendly neighbors, wonderful surroundings, and a good way to spend your retirement years. So, what are you waiting for? If you want the warmth and security of a home in an ideally situated community, you should take a closer look at Kensington Station community.

Champions’ Club at Jonathan’s Landing for an Active Lifestyle beyond your Dreams

Champions’ Club at Jonathan’s Landing is located in the tax-friendly state of Delaware, in the lovely town of Magnolia, just south of Dover. It is in proximity to the Dover Mall, a number of restaurants and sandy beaches and many other entertainment options. Although a small town, Magnolia, Delaware is a fantastic place for you to retire. You can have the perfect life, which you have always dreamed of and enjoy every minute of your retirement.

The Fairways at River Crossing – for a Perfect Country Club Lifestyle

Golf enthusiasts and senior residents of Spring Branch, Texas, interested in moving to an active adult community where they can experience the perfect county club lifestyle, have a great choice to consider; The Fairways at River Crossing. This is a garden home community that provides all its residents the ability to enjoy life to the fullest at the most affordable prices.

Independence, Delaware – The Best Place to Retire

Independence is an age-restricted, active adult community situated in Millsboro, Delaware. This community is one of Delaware’s premier 55+ communities. If you are looking for the best community to retire to, then you should definitely consider retiring to Independence. This is a community where everything you hoped for in retirement living comes true.

Living at Renaissance at Manchester: Featuring Insights From Nancy Muldowney, Realtor

In this edition of the Active Adult Living Newsletter, we have the pleasure of featuring Senior Real Estate Specialist Nancy Muldowney Showcasing the Renaissance at Manchester community within the Active Adult Living family of websites. A seasoned Realtor with more than 11 years of experience and an SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) designee, Nancy founded and heads up the Muldowney Team, consisting of herself plus her husband and daughters, all of whom are licensed Realtor – so as to provide the best of services to their clientele. Focusing on 55+ active adult residential market segment, Nancy and her team promote the beautiful active adult lifestyle community, Renaissance at Manchester in Ocean County,New Jersey. Read on to find out Nancy’s insights to this great 55+ community in NJ.

Collette’s National Parks of America Tour

Experience a U.S. adventure like no other on Collette Vacations’ 12-day National Parks of America tour

Visit five our country’s most outstanding national parks on one trip! Enjoy inclusions only Collette delivers from a good old-fashioned Chili Cook Off in the resort town of Scottsdale to traveling through Marble Canyon to touring the Native American Cultural Center located at the Crazy Horse Monument. With a lower cost per day and more included dinners than competitors, get ready to receive great value and an unforgettable journey across Arizona, Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota.

Looking for a Rental in 55+ Active Adult Communities?

Check Out Solera in Sunny California When Looking for Rental Homes in 55+ Communities

It is believed that more than 25% of senior citizens prefer to rent their homes than spend their life savings on purchasing a new home. These figures have been increasing significantly because of the unstable economy and because the value of homes keep sliding in certain areas of the country. There may be quite a number of reasons as to why you wish to rent your home rather than purchasing it right away. Furthermore, you could be still undecided as to where you wish to retire to, or you may wish to try out new areas before sinking your roots into one particular place. It could also be that you wish to enjoy the freedom renting a home brings.

Why Would a Low GI Diet be Good for Active Adults?

When you reach a certain age, you begin worrying about what you eat, and the calories you put into your body. This is a common and valid concern for those active adults who wish to stay fit and healthy throughout their senior years. Regardless of age, diet and exercise are predominant concerns that need to be addressed for a healthy life. Retirement age does not mean you should just stay at home and indulge in all the foods and inactivity that you may have not indulged in during your working years. Contrarily, this is the age where you have to be more careful with your diet than ever before. A proper diet, with the right amount of exercise is what you need to ensure that you will remain healthy and agile during these excitingly carefree years of your life. So, let us find out why a low GI diet can be a good choice for active adults looking to insure their good health.

Benefits of a Low GI Diet

The Glycemic Index (GI) was devised approximately 20 years ago. Although the index was mainly devised for diabetics, the diet proved to be beneficial to persons who are not diabetic as well. Continue to read on and find out about the many benefits to a low GI diet:

·      A low GI diet promotes better health. The high blood glucose levels that spike after high carb meals can damage arteries and blood vessels.  Eating low GI foods insures that you receive energy in steady streams. This reduces the risk of various conditions that may be exacerbated by high glucose fluctuations.

·      A low GI diet helps you manage your weight.  It helps manage your weight in two methods. Firstly, you don’t feel hungry immediately after a meal, because of the sudden glucose fluctuations. This means you do not go looking for snacks, or feel like drinking a sugary drink. A high GI diet also forces your body to produce excess insulin, resulting in excess fat storage and difficulty in burning the fat. This does not happen with a low GI diet.

·      A low GI diet prevents diseases. Following a low GI diet prevents the development of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, gallbladder disease, cancer and various other diseases.

·      A low GI diet increases energy. Consuming a low GI diet means your food is digested and metabolized slowly. This provides a continued amount of energy that can be used throughout the day.

A List of Low GI Foods

With all the benefits of a low GI diet, isn’t it time you wonder what foods are considered low GI?If you are wondering about food choices with a low GI diet, here are several foods that fall into the low GI category:

Low GI Vegetables

·         Frozen peas  ·        raw carrots  ·         cauliflower  ·         mushrooms ·         lettuce

·         eggplant   ·         red peppers    ·      onions ·         green beans  ·         broccoli

·         tomatoes

Low GI Fruits

·      Cherries  ·         grapes       ·         peaches          ·         plums         ·         pears

·         apples   ·         strawberries       ·         oranges         ·         kiwi fruit    ·         prunes

·         dried apricots (in moderation)

Low GI Breads

·         soya      ·         wholegrain   ·         pumpernickel       ·         whole wheat  

·         sourdough     ·         heavy mixed grain

Low GI Dairy

·         whole milk    ·         Unsweetened yoghurt        ·         soy milk          ·         custard

Low GI Snacks and Sweets

·      nut & seed muesli bars       ·         Sugar free milk chocolate         ·         cashew nuts

·         Sugar free jam     ·         walnuts    ·         peanuts      ·         oatmeal crackers

As you can see, there are a wide variety of food choices when it comes to putting together a low GI diet. If you find it hard to go completely low GI all at once, choose some of these items and start incorporating them into your diet. Soon, your meals could be of 100% low GI foods. You can also consider signing up for a low GI diet plan where professional nutritionist can guide you on meal choices. Combine your healthy diets with an active adult living lifestyle, enjoyed at a wonderful 55+ senior community and you are bound to love your empty nester life to the optimum. Visit ActiveAdultLiving .Com for details on over 5,800 active adult communities across USA.