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Mental Exercises to Keep Your Mind From Aging

Mental Exercises to Keep Your Mind From Aging

The days of having a mind as sharp as a tack are falling behind you. Those days you could remember all your friends’ phone numbers easily. Now you can barely remember your own phone number let alone the entire list of contacts. How often do you have to go through your phone book to look up a number you could have dialed in your sleep? How often do you miss your children’s or friends’ birthdays and find yourself buying belated birthday cards? A little bit of forgetfulness does not mean you are on the fast track to Alzheimer’s. It is nature’s way of reminding you that, sadly, yes, you are aging. But wait. Before you start feeling sorry for yourself, think about what you can do to prevent further memory lapses.

Delaware River

Focus on Delaware

If you are thinking of a change now that retirement is here or just around the corner, you should consider changing your address to one in Delaware. Bordered by Pennsylvania to the north, Maryland to the west and south, the Atlantic Ocean to the East this state is the second smallest state in USA. However, although it is small, you will find many things to do and see in Delaware. So, if you are considering making a change, let us cite some information on things to do while in Delaware, and help you make a good choice.

Experience Luxury Senior Living at Las Palmas Grand in Mesa, Arizona

Senior living will never be the same once you have experienced the comfort and luxury of Las Palmas Grand in Mesa, Arizona. This is a 55+ award-winning, active retirement community where you learn the true meaning of luxury, affordable living. Step inside this community and see for yourself…..

Checklist of Facts to Consider when Shopping for 55 and Over Communities

Looking for 55 and over communities to retire can take a lot of time and consideration. You can’t just pick a retirement community at random and decide this is where you want to live. You need to conduct thorough research on the community, amenities and the location of the community among other factors. Lucky for you, there is Active Adult Living.Com, a pioneering database which provides information on 55+ retirement communities across USA, Canada and Mexico. Over 6000 communities are listed here. In this article, we are discussing some of the key factors to consider when looking for 55 and over communities.

Focus on Alabama

Alabama is one of the great places to retire to for those 55+ retirees looking for an active retirement. If you are of retirement age, and are considering relocating to a totally new area, Alabama has some great active adult communities. However, any move to a new location requires some knowledge about the State. You simply cannot drive into Alabama and not know anything about it! Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to equip you with some information about Alabama and a few of theover 55 communitiesthat may tip the scale in favor of this State.