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Spokane Keeps the Winter Magic Alive

January 21, 2022 • Admin

Warm weather retreats get all the attention this time of year, but some cities are so enchanting during the winter months that snowbirds may want to stay put. The Northwest city of Spokane Washington is one such destination known for its wintery charm and reputation for outdoor living. Named one of the best places to retire by Time Magazine, and a haven for active retirees, Spokane has the curb appeal of a big city yet maintains its small-town character. As Washington’s second-largest city, 55+ residents don’t have to go far to find an abundance of amenities, entertainment, and affordable real estate. Northwest living is living as close to nature as possible, and from skiing to snowmobiling, winter in Spokane is an experience not to be missed.

Strolling along the tranquil riverbank, or witnessing the power of Spokane Falls, the natural beauty of Riverfront Park runs through the heart of the city, and when temperatures dip below freezing, a winter utopia awaits. The Ice Ribbon is a 650-foot paradise for ice skaters to meander in and out of frosted trees, take advantage of free skating lessons, and cozy up to a mug of hot chocolate around the fire pit. This iconic park is a postcard-worthy attraction home to the forty-mile Centennial Trail, and Spokane River that turns a casual jog, or bike ride into a sensory experience.

Towering at an awe-inspiring 5,883 feet, Mt. Spokane is a majestic wintery playground for skiers, and hikers boasting a hundred miles of trails, lush evergreens, and unforgettable views. The mountain comes alive during the wintertime with an array of sports activities including snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. Nothing says romance like glistening moonlit snow and the Moonlight Ski Tour, and Dinner offers a unique opportunity to take a guided cross-country trip into the woods followed by a delicious catered menu. For a sophisticated flair, active adults can embark on a day of snowshoeing, and wine tasting at Townshend Winery because the stunning scenery and an exquisite varietal should always go hand in hand.

After a day of hitting the slopes, downtown Spokane takes the fun indoors with a wide variety of activities, attractions, and world-class dining. Visitors can explore the city’s vibrant art scene at one of the many galleries, and museums including the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, the Avenue West Gallery, and ClayFox Pottery. Home to the INB Performing Arts Center, and the Spokane Symphony, live entertainment heats up even the coldest nights. From five-star cuisine to cozy local pubs, and breweries, Spokane’s regional fare warms the heart and soul. The city’s motto is “near nature, near perfect,” and as far as winter getaways go, this one is hard to beat.

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