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Simple Solutions to Green Up Your Nest

May 31, 2021 • Admin

Eco Friendly

Going green is more than just about saving energy. Taking a deep breath of clean air at the end of a day is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, and why builders like Kolter Homes believe that wellness should begin at home. As buzzy as the phrases eco-friendly, and clean living have become, feeling our best goes beyond the food pyramid to include the home innovations, and technologies that protect both ourselves, and the environment.

Clear the Air
When it comes to indoor pollutants, home is a notorious problem child. From our beloved pets to the bowl of potpourri on the coffee table, our sanctuaries are a trap for dust and odors. Open windows as much as possible to allow fresh air to circulate, and consider investing in an air purifier, and a vacuum equipped with HEPA filtration technology. Along with becoming fastidious about dusting, experts also recommend changing your home’s air filter every 30-60 days – more frequently for allergy sufferers and households with pets. You might want to head to your garden center because believe it or not, houseplants not only spruce things up, they also serve an important role in absorbing airborne toxins such as carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde.

Rethink That “New Smell”
Have you ever noticed a strong odor coming from your new mattress, freshly installed carpet, or recently painted room? That chemical smell comes from VOCs or (Volatile Organic Compounds) present in the foams, and adhesives of many household products, as well as most commercial air-fresheners. While your best bet is to air out space until that new smell subsides, many companies now offer low VOC products, including paints, and memory foam mattresses formulated with more natural materials. As much as possible swap out conventional cleaners for eco-friendly versions, and consider using essential oil based fragrances over artificially scented sprays and candles.

Find a Green Certified Community
Kolter’s Alton community in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida has taken the worry out of creating a green living environment – building homes certified under the National Green Building Standard (NGBS), and featuring the latest health, and energy-saving innovations. From a fresh air intake system designed to bring the outdoors in, and contained pest control technology safe for both homeowners and pets, to the use of low VOC paint, and ZIP System wall sheathing to keep mold producing moisture out, Kolter’s mission is to improve the health of homebuyers from the moment they walk in the door. If you’re still looking for ways to breath a clean sigh of relief, has a wealth of tips, tricks, and information for creating a healthier home.

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