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Retiring in an RV

January 16, 2023 • Fenny Peiffer

RV Home

The time to travel is a major perk of retirement. Many retirees do so and enjoy every moment of it. However, some retirees take it one step further by retiring to an RV. This may not appeal to some, but there are many perks of retiring in an RV, and those who do so find that this is the perfect way to see their country.

RVs have come a long way since their inception. Nowadays, you can find plush and comfortable RVs that feel like home. Just imagine traveling to far-off places and coming back whenever you feel like it to see your grandkids, and then, going off again to enjoy a week at the beach. Ahh…. This is what retirement is all about. If you are considering living in an RV, here are some of its advantages.

1. Living Close to your Significant Other – Living in an RV will bring you and your spouse very close to each other. Although this can be difficult at times, it will enhance your love life.

2. Meet New People – Full-time RVers always get to meet new and interesting people, as there are many RV communities to choose from, who share the same enjoyment of RV living.

3. Enjoy Maintenance-Free Living – Retirees who live in RVs, live a relaxing life. They have no lawns to maintain and almost minimal housekeeping. Many RV parks have a load of amenities and come with swimming pools, game rooms, fishing lakes, and clubhouses. Some RV parks are located in proximity to beaches and even national parks.

4. Economical Way to Travel and See Distant Friends – Retiring in an RV is one of the most economical ways to travel and visit distant friends. No hiring cars, no motel or hotel charges, etc. You can also cook meals or eat out if you wish.

High fuel costs can be a concern when you live in an RV. However, your trips will cost less than other traditional vacations. There are many RV parks located in various parts of the country.

More information on RV parks and RV resorts can be obtained by visiting®, the website of more than 6,200 active adult communities.

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