Possible Causes of Poor Nutrition Among Seniors

Possible Causes of Poor Nutrition among Seniors

Good eating habits are important at any age. But, physical limitations and various health issues prevent most seniors, from getting the nutrients they need. Many seniors don’t eat as well as they should. There are a number of reasons why seniors do not get the nutrition they need.

  • Decreased Senses – Age diminishes a person’s appetite. Their sense of smell and taste is greatly compromised, and this can affect their ability to taste and savor foods. Unappetizing meals are usually ignored and not eaten by many seniors.
  • Medication Side-Effects – Seniors are on some form of medication. These medications can have various side effects that include nausea, loss of appetite, different tastes in foods, etc. This too is one of the reasons seniors do not get the proper nutrition they need.
  • Poor Dental Health – Dental problems are another problem many seniors face. Chewing foods becomes a chore for many seniors because of missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures.
  • Financial Difficulties – Seniors live on fixed incomes. Money worries will keep them from purchasing food items in order to cut costs. This causes them to purchase items that are cheaper and not nutritious resulting in poor nutrition for seniors.
  • Transport Problems – Transport becomes an issue with age. The ability to drive themselves to grocery stores or shopping malls, find parking, and walk all the way to the entrance all become challenging. This can keep seniors from venturing out to purchase essential items, such as nutritious foods.
  • Physical Problems – Arthritis, fibromyalgia, and vertigo are common debilitating conditions many seniors will have to face. These physical problems keep them from carrying out simple tasks. For example, a senior may not be eating properly because he/she is unable to open a can of peas or cook a meal.
  • Debilitating Mental Conditions – Many seniors will suffer from various forms of dementia which results in their forgetting to eat on a regular basis. This can result in poor nutrition among seniors.
  • Depression – Depression is common among seniors. This too can keep them from getting the proper nutrition they need as they may feel too “down” to eat a proper meal.

These are all possible causes of poor nutrition among seniors. You should consult a doctor if you feel you are not getting the proper nutrition you need. This can prevent major problems.

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