Pickleball and How it Took Over Retirement Living

June 29, 2022 • Admin

Many active adult communities are geared towards providing 55+ and over seniors with the ability to enjoy their retirement life with various activities. These communities provide seniors with various outdoor amenities that include tennis, swimming, bocce ball, golf, and pickleball. If you are new to the retirement world, you would be wondering about “pickleball”. What exactly is this game? Well, stick around and we will tell you.

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball, although you may think it is a new game, has been around for decades. Pickleball was invented, in 1965, during the baby boomer generation, by two desperate dads, on Bainbridge Island, who wished to keep their kids entertained during the summer. The name “Pickle” is believed to have come from the family dog that used to run away with the errant balls. However, this theory has yet to be confirmed. The game was originally played on hard surfaces, such as backyards, dead-end streets, etc. However, by the 1970s, pickleball had grown and expanded from a mere family game, invented to entertain the kids, to a sport with formalized rules. The first pickleball tournament was held, in 1976, in Washington. The first rule book of pickleball was published, in 1984, and the USA Pickleball Association was also formed during this time. In 2003, pickleball was introduced at the Huntsman World Senior Games in Utah.

How to Play Pickleball?

Pickleball is a combination of tennis and badminton. However, this game has caught on with the seniors because there is less movement than tennis or badminton. Usually, a pickleball court must be 20 x 44 feet and the game include four players, two on either side of the net. However, the game can be played with two players too. The paddles are like those used when playing table tennis although they are slightly larger, about 8” wide by 15¾ inches. The ball is made from plastic and is 3” in diameter and has holes around it. The ball is served underhanded from the left side of the court to the other side, and it should bounce only one time before the other player returns it. The winning team must reach 11 points to win.

Why is Pickleball Popular with the Seniors?

Pickleball is extremely popular with the seniors because it is a game invented during the baby boomer generation, and many boomers grew up playing this game. The other reason pickleball is so popular in active adult communities is because of the perfect balance between high-impact sports, such as tennis, and low-impact activities, such as shuffleboard. It is a game that enables active adults to get the right amount of exercise they need to stay healthy and active. Furthermore, pickleball is fun. It is fun for the players, as well as the people watching it.

Many active adult communities ensure that pickleball is on the list of amenities provided. For example, you will find pickleball courts at Trilogy at Verde River by Shea Homes in Rio Verde, AZ, Cresswind Palm Beach at Westlake in Westlake, FL, Woods Point by Landed Gentry in Ferndale, WA, and many more communities.

If you are interested in pickleball and want to live in an active adult community that provides you with this amenity among others, visit our website and avail yourself of many communities that provide you with this facility.

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