Nashville Gets On Beat With Going Green

With only a few days left until the new season is officially here, most of us are getting ready for spring cleaning and finding ways to live more sustainably. From where we live to how we live, one concept that’s had us buzzing for some time is eco-friendly living. Whether it’s focusing on recycling, and using green products, or driving electric vehicles, reducing our carbon footprint has gone mainstream. In many cities paper or plastic is no longer an option, and compostable to-go containers are the new norm. One city taking major strides towards a greener future is the music mecca of Nashville, Tennessee.

Rhythm is the heartbeat of Nashville, but so is the focus on sustainability. Travel and Leisure featured Music City as one of the top eco-friendly cities in the country for its participation in LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) construction which maximizes energy efficiency and prioritizes responsibility sourced building materials. The Gulch located within walking distance of downtown was the city’s first LEED-certified neighborhood and provides easy access to public transportation. and all the sights and sounds of Nashville.

One of Nashville’s most impressive efforts towards a sustainable city is seen on the rooftop of the Music City Center. This 2.1 million architectural innovation has turned energy efficiency into a work of art by designing a waved green roof composed of solar panels, and live plants. Home to heat absorbing native vegetation, a 360,000 rainwater irrigation tank, and even a colony of honeybees, the roof is an eco-system all it’s own. Inspired by Tennessee’s rolling hills, and designed to replicate the frets of a guitar, this visionary ode to going green has served to help insulate the building, and reduce energy costs.

From iconic barbecue to fried pickles, you can’t experience Nashville without sampling the incredible food scene. Tennessee prides itself on ethical farm practices, urban community gardens, and restaurants that procure the freshest, local ingredients. The Nashville Farmers Market boasts an abundant display of regional fare, while institutions like the exclusively vegetarian Wild Cow restaurant and 24 tap Homegrown Taproom serve up award-winning specialties sourced from Nashville’s own backyard.

Nashville has several initiatives in place to promote environmental awareness from the Live On The Green music festival, and Urban Green Lab, to neighborhood recycling programs. The city is working on getting more cars off the road through its Lets Move Nashville public transit project, and is focusing on cleaning up its green spaces. It only takes one person to make a positive impact on the environment, but Nashville knows life is always greener as a community.

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