Mentoring Helps Seniors Find Purpose

Mentoring Helps Seniors Find Purpose_

A mentor helps you see the beauty in your dreams~ As a kid, my greatest source of wisdom was my grandmother. She was a fountain of knowledge, inspiration, and in some instances a healthy dose of tough love. To this day her legacy and words live on in my heart, and I continue to use her life lessons each and every day. If I had the advice to give to our younger generation, it would be to find a mentor. Every child needs someone to confide in, to gain advice from, and feel inspired by, and seniors can benefit equally by imparting their years of knowledge, and provide a listening ear. How many times do we hear older adults wishing they wish they could teach today’s youth a thing or two? Well, why not get involved?

Volunteer work gives seniors the opportunity to use their time serving others, provides a sense of purpose and improves self-esteem. Working with youth is particularly impactful for older adults who may not have grandchildren nearby, and for those blessed with a heart of service. The Corporation for National and Community Service’s Foster Grandparent Program through Senior Corps gets 55+ adults involved in their community by becoming mentors, and friends to young people struggling academically, who may be going down the wrong path in life, and assisting those with disabilities.

Statistics show that children who have someone to lend an unbiased ear, and that they feel safe confiding in, tend to do better in their studies, and show fewer signs of depression. One of the most common cries for help in many young people is feeling as though no-one is there to listen, and being that grandparent figure can be the safe haven they’ve needed. Seniors living near schools, or even their local church can find ways to become involved in their communities through this type of volunteer work. Mentoring can help put vitality, and meaning back into daily life which in turn has health benefits from lowering blood pressure, to reducing stress.

Getting older means having a wealth of wisdom to share with the world, and today’s young people can benefit greatly from having someone who sees their potential and gives them the one-on-one attention they deserve.

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